Resizable Pull-out Refrigerator Storage Box *2 pcs*

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The Resizable Pull-out Storage Box is exactly what you were searching for! This extremely useful box will allow you to effectively use all the gaps in both your closet or refrigerator. It allows efficient drainage to prevent bacterial growth, makes full use of the space so you can organize, classify and sort what you have and also save tons of space. It's incredibly stretchable design can adjust according to the size of your needs. 
Do you think there is not enough space in your fridge or closet?
Want to find a way to better organize and sort what you have so you can easily find it?
  • With ventilating and draining function, it can maintain good air permeability inside, easy to clean and dry quickly, make full use of space, easy to use, and effective classification.

  • Refrigerator sorting: Save space
  • Storage of snacks, fruits, and sweets
  • Home storage: practical and convenient
  • Storage of various remote control, mobile phones, pens, and other small things

  • Stretchable Design: You can adjust the holder according to the size of your belongings
  • Air vent:Large area vents. Effective drainage to prevent bacterial growth 

    • Hangable Card strip:Effective use of refrigerator gaps. Card strip can be hung on refrigerator shelves


    Size: 8.0 x 6.4x 2.9 IN /20.5 x 16.4 x 7.6 cm
    Material: Plastic
    The distance between the rods is about 0.4 IN/ 1.2 cm 

    Packge includes: 2 x Resizable Pull-out Refrigerator Storage Box

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