LegComfort™ Inflatable Leg Pillow

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Medical Research Suggests That Elevating The Legs At An Incline Of 35 Degrees Or More, May Improve Circulation, Reduce Fluid Retention, Improve Varicose Veins, And Is Also An Effective And Practical Pain Relief Step Recommended By Physical Therapists. Enjoy The Effective Support, Relaxed Posture, And Relief Of Using The Fascinating LegComfort™ Inflatable Leg Pillow


EFFECTIVE SUPPORT: When you lie on the bed or sofa, it can provide support for your legs, make sure your spine lines up more easily - put our pillow between your knees or under your knees.

BETTER SLEEP AND REJUVENATION: Proper body alignment and relaxed posture during sleep can positively affect the quality of your sleep and help your body recover and rejuvenate.

OPTIMUM HEIGHT: The 40-degree tilt supports the entire raised leg for optimal rest and reduces fatigue and soreness. Elevates the knees, ankles, and feet for greater comfort and leg pain relief after a long walk.

ZERO GRAVITY ENVIRONMENT:  Elevate legs for a safer, deeper, and more restful sleep. Create a zero-gravity environment to increase circulation, comfort, and to rest in the position that gives your legs and back the greatest comfort.

HIGHEST QUALITY DESIGN: Designed with top quality materials to be long-lasting, durable, comfortable, and to keep you company for the years to come.

VERSATILE DESIGN: Designed in order to work perfectly when sleeping, lying, or sitting to support and raise the legs and knees to relax, rest, and relieve pain.

 Raising your legs can help prevent blood stasis and varicose veins while at the same time improve circulation. It doesn’t only reduce the pain caused by leg lag but also keeps your body in the best position for better recovery.

USER-FRIENDLY VALVE DESIGN: The new valve design is easy to inflate and deflate, making it easy to travel, save space, and can be easily inflated whenever and wherever needed, with a folded size of about 10*20*16inch.


Shape: Wedge

Feature: Inflatable

Filling: PVC

Size: 10*20*16 IN/ 25*50*40.6 cm

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