DiamondShield™ Clear PVC Table Top Protector

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Protect Your Table’s Surface From Unexpected Damage, Scratches, And Dirt! Don’t Hide The Original Beautiful Look Of Its Surface, Diamondshield™ Clear Pvc Table Top Protector Is Transparent And Ideal To Protect Both Your Table And Tablecloths From Heat, Stains, Dirt, And Spills! 


If You’re Here Searching For The Best Table Protector, You Have Landed On The Right Page!

Save Money on Furniture: Save yourself from having to buy a new table. Now you can protect it from scratches, scrapes, stains, spills keeping your table tidy, clean, and organized. 

PVC Table cloth Transparent D' Waterproof Tablecloth Oil Tablecloth with Kitchen  Pattern Glass Soft Cloth table cover 1.0 mm| | - AliExpress
Anti-Slip Design: Created with an amazing anti-slip design to keep everything in place and protect the items on the table.

Waterproof Tablecloth Transparent Tablecloths with Pattern Kitchen PVC  Table Cover Oil Cloth Soft Glass Tablecloth 1.0 mm|Tablecloths| - AliExpress
Waterproof: Don’t worry about spilling coffee or foods that leave stains on your tablecloth, with this amazing Clear PVC Table Top Protector your table will remain easy to clean and dry.

BALLE Transparent PVC Waterproof Tablecloth Rectangle Table Cover Protector  Desk Pad Soft Glass Dining Table Cloth Plastic Mat| | - AliExpress
Highest-Quality Materials: This Clear PVC Table Top Protector was created with premium durable PVC to last for the years to come. 

PVC Tablecloth Transparent D' Waterproof Tablecloth, Oil Tablecloth with Kitchen  Pattern, Glass Soft Cloth 1.0 Mm table cover|Tablecloths|Home & Garden -  AliExpress
Transparent: If you love your tablecloth but never use it for fear of ruining it, now is your chance to enjoy it! 

PVC Table Cover Protector Desk Pad Soft Glass Dining Tablecloth Transparent  Top TableCloths Plastic Mat customizable size| | - AliExpress
Easy to Clean: The DiamondShield™ Clear PVC Table Top Protector is easy to clean, just wipe it with a damp cloth and it will look great again.

Waterproof PVC Tablecloth Table cloth Transparent Table Cover Mat Kitchen  Pattern Oil cloth Glass Soft Cloth Tablecloth Tool|Tablecloths| - AliExpress
Perfect Protection:  Keeps your table free from scratches, damages stains, and dirt.

PVC Tablecloth Tablecloth Transparent D' Waterproof Tablecloth with Kitchen  Pattern Oil Tablecloth Glass Soft Cloth 1.0mm|Tablecloths| - AliExpress

Feature: Waterproof, Oilproof, Anti-slip Design

Material: Premium PVC

Sizes: (inches and cm )

200*100cm/ 78.7*39.3 IN

180*100cm/ 70.8*39.3 IN

160*100cm/ 62.9*39.3 IN

150*100cm/ 59.0*39.3 IN

120*100cm/ 47.2*39.3 IN

100*100cm/ 39.3*39.3 IN

90x180cm/ 35.4*70.8 IN
90x160cm/ 35.4*62.9 IN
90x150cm/ 35.4*59.0 IN
90X140cm/ 35.4*55.11 IN
90x120cm/ 35.4*47.2 IN
90x90cm/ 35.4*35.4 IN
85x180cm/ 33.4*70.8 IN
85x150cm/ 33.4*59.0 IN
85x120cm/ 33.4*47.2 IN
80x180cm/ 31.4*70.8 IN
80x160cm/ 31.4*62.9 IN
80x150cm/ 31.4*59.0 IN
80x140cm/ 31.4*55.11 IN
80x120cm/ 31.4*47.2 IN
80x80cm/ 31.4*31.4 IN
75x120cm/ 29.5*47.2 IN
70x120cm/ 27.5*47.2 IN
70X110cm/ 27.5*43.3 IN
60x120cm/ 23.6*47.2 IN
60X100cm/ 23.6*39.3 IN
60x90cm/ 23.6*35.4 IN
60x80cm/ 23.6*31.4 IN
50X100cm/ 19.6*39.3 IN

LOVRTRAVEL PVC Round Table cloth Transparent Tablecloths Waterproof Kitchen  Pattern Oil Table Cover Glass Soft Cloth nappe| | - AliExpress

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