Pyramid Silicone Roasting Mat

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This nonstick Silicone Baking Mat features several hundred raised contours which allow air to circulate. This way, your food never comes in contact with bottom of a pan resulting in a more even and healthy cooking.

This NonStick Silicone Baking Mat allows fat and grease to drain to the bottom leaving your food light and crispy.


  • A non-stick RAISED Silicone baking mat which has a raised contours which allow air to circulate, so food never comes in contact with bottom of pan

  • Fat and grease drain to the bottom leaving you with light and crispy results

  • Large 11 inch by 17 inch mat, trim to any size of the baking pan; Oven safe unto 428 degree F (220 degree C)

  • Safe for microwave use; Dishwasher safe; Easy to store; 100 % Food-Grade Silicone

  • Can also be used as a Trivet, Pot holder, Drying rack, A gripper to open jars etc.

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