Multifunctional Electromagnetic Field Radio (EMF)Radiation Detector

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Introducing the RD630 Electromagnetic Field Detector: Your Guardian in a Wireless World

Meet the RD630, a compact 3-in-1 Meter designed for precise measurement of electric field (EF), magnetic field (MF), and radio frequency field (RF). Whether in homes or offices, it empowers users to make informed decisions against potential electromagnetic radiation.

Excelling in RF detection and measuring electric and magnetic fields, the RD630 ensures swift responses to unseen threats. With high-precision sensors and a user-friendly interface, it becomes your trusted guardian in our interconnected world.

3-in-1 Multifunctional Meter: Explore the RD630 Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector Tester, a compact 3-in-1 meter proficient in measuring electric field (EF), magnetic field (MF), and radio frequency field (RF). With a built-in electromagnetic radiation sensor and advanced micro-control chip, this handheld device provides accurate readings on its LCD screen, empowering users to make informed decisions and take preventive measures against electromagnetic radiation.

WIDE APPLICATIONS: With versatility in mind, the RD630 proves indispensable for testing electromagnetic radiation in diverse living environments, including offices, computer rooms, power distribution rooms, and areas near transmission towers. This multifunctional meter is particularly adept at assessing radiation from routers, Bluetooth devices, radio equipment, TVs, computers, printers, microwaves, refrigerators, cell towers, low-frequency home appliances, and even for ghost hunting activities.

RF Radiation Detection: The RD630 excels in detecting radio frequency (RF) radiation, encompassing wireless signals, Bluetooth transmissions, radio equipment emissions, and emerging 5G signals. This capability empowers users to assess and mitigate potential risks associated with various wireless technologies.

EF Electric Field Measurement: Assessing the intensity and distribution of electric fields, the RD630 delivers precise measurements for electronic devices and power sources. Users gain valuable insights to make informed decisions and implement precautions against potential electric field radiation exposure.
MF Magnetic Field Measurement: Measuring the strength and patterns of magnetic fields, the RD630 is essential for identifying potential health risks from electronic devices and power lines. With high-precision sensors, users can promptly address magnetic field concerns, ensuring safer living and working environments.
High-Precision Sensors for Accurate Measurement: Benefit from the built-in high-precision electromagnetic radiation sensor and micro-control chip processor, enabling the RD630 to provide swift and precise measurements of electromagnetic radiation values. This ensures users receive reliable data for effective decision-making and prompt preventive action.
Automatic Alarm and HD Color Screen: The RD630 features an automatic alarm system that alerts users to potential electromagnetic radiation hazards. The vibrant HD color screen enhances visibility, making it easy to interpret results at a glance. This combination of features ensures a user-friendly experience while maintaining heightened awareness.Switchable Measurement Units: Tailor measurements to preference with the RD630's two switchable units: milliGauss (mG) and microTesla (uT). This flexibility allows users to choose the unit that best suits their needs, enhancing the overall usability of the device.
Automatic Shutdown Function: For added convenience, the RD630 includes an automatic shutdown function that can be canceled as needed. This feature prevents unnecessary battery consumption and ensures the device is ready for use whenever required.



is_customized: Yes

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Certification: RoHS

EF: 1-1999V/m

MF: 0.1-999.9mG/0.01-99.99uT

RF: 0.01-19.99mW/㎡

Measurement bandwidth: 50Hz-3500MHz

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Customer Reviews

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Elian Smith

Radiation meter as described. Came very well packed. Delivery is fast.

Reyna Hagenes

Yes works. All good

Soledad Jakubowski

Does his job, looks good.

Woodrow Lesch

Works great. Detect both EF, MF and RF. The device comes with a very detailed and well-described manual. Thank You and I recommend it to others.

Sherman Kozey

Excellent item, works well