Newly Designed Metal / Wires / Wood Wall Scanner

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Introducing our new Wall Scanner your ultimate solution for quickly and accurately locating hidden materials behind walls, floors, and ceilings.

This powerful wall detector scanner is equipped with an advanced HPC detection module, providing superior anti-interference capacity and faster calculating speed, ensuring reliable and efficient performance even in complex environments.

With its LCD screen, detecting the target depth, center, and material becomes effortless. The scanner also emits beeps and continuous alerts upon detecting a target, making sure you never miss a thing. 

Offers wide measuring ranges for detecting various materials: wooden surfaces, metal pipes, and rebars and The newly designed center positioning hole enables precise drilling after detection, and with its rechargeable power, easy installation, and user-friendly operation, this Wall Scanner is a must-have addition to your toolkit.

🎯 Precise Detection: The Wall Scanner is engineered to provide precise and reliable detection of various materials concealed within walls, ceilings, and floors. With its advanced scanning technology, you can effortlessly locate edges and centers of metal, studs, joists, pipes, and live AC wires. This powerful scanner allows you to detect wooden surfaces with a maximum depth of ≤38mm, AC wires with a maximum depth of ≤40mm, metal pipes with a maximum depth of ≤100mm, and rebars with a maximum depth of ≤120mm. Whether you are a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, this scanner is an indispensable tool for your construction and home improvement projects.

💡 HPC Detection Module: The Wall Scanner is equipped with a cutting-edge HPC (High-Precision Chip) detection module, which sets it apart from conventional wall scanners. The HPC module significantly enhances the scanner's anti-interference capacity, allowing it to maintain accurate and reliable readings even in complex and cluttered environments. Additionally, the HPC module boosts the scanner's calculating speed, providing real-time results and speeding up your workflow. Say goodbye to false readings and experience the efficiency and accuracy of the Wall Scanner

🎚️ Multiple Predictions: One of the standout features of the Wall Scanner is its ability to offer multiple predictions during the scanning process. The clear and intuitive LCD screen displays essential information such as the target depth, the detection center, and the material being detected. As you approach the target, the indicator light illuminates yellow or red, providing visual cues for precise target identification. Furthermore, the green light indicates the absence of any detected target. When a target is successfully identified, the scanner emits a helpful beep, confirming your discovery. Notably, the scanner delivers continuous alerts once the center of the target is reached, making locating materials even more straightforward.

🛠️ Center Positioning Hole Design: With the newly designed center positioning hole, the Wall Scanner ensures unparalleled precision during drilling. Once you've detected the target location, you can directly mark the drilling position using the positioning hole. This innovative design feature streamlines the drilling process, reducing the likelihood of errors and enabling accurate installations. Whether you're mounting shelves, hanging artwork, or securing fixtures, the center positioning hole ensures your projects are completed with precision and confidence.

🔧 Wide Applications: The Metal Detector Wall Scanner is a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of applications. From home decoration and wall ornamentation to household appliance installations and highway maintenance, this scanner proves invaluable in every scenario. Professional contractors, decorators, electricians, and even DIY enthusiasts will appreciate the functionality and convenience offered by this multifaceted wall scanner.

Rechargeable Power: The Wall Scannercomes equipped with a rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements. Simply recharge the device using the included charging cable for extended usage.

✔️ Easy Installation and Operation: The wall detector's user-friendly interface ensures effortless setup and operation. Simply put the scanner on the wall or stud, and you're ready to start detecting materials.

🔌 AC Live Wire Detector Wall Scanner: the Wall Scanner excels in detecting live wires, providing accurate and reliable results to ensure your safety while working in various environments. Whether you're a professional electrician or a homeowner dealing with electrical projects, this feature is indispensable for avoiding potentially hazardous situations.

🏭 Industrial Metal Detectors: Experience the power and efficiency of industrial-grade metal detection with our Wall Scanner. Easily locate and organize live wires, cables, and other metal objects during large-scale construction projects, ensuring smooth operations and precise installations.

🔍 Cable Detectors Walls: The Wall Scanner is specifically designed to identify cables, wires, and live broadcasts with ease. Its versatility as both a wall mount and a headphone stand adds convenience and functionality to your workspace.

Upgrade your detection capabilities with our Metal Detector Wall Scanner today. Discover hidden treasures, avoid live wires, and achieve precise results in your home, office, or any professional setting. Don't miss out on this essential tool for any construction or home improvement project!


 With Buzzer Alarm: YES

Power Type: Recharabgele

Max Depth of Exploration-with Iron Metal: 100mm

Max Depth of Exploration-Single-strand copper wire (≥4mm²): 40mm

Max Depth of Exploration-Non-ferrous metal(Copper): 80mm

Max Depth of Exploration-Foreign body: EXACT Mode 20mm,DEEP Mode 38mm

Max Depth of Exploration-Alternating Current: 50mm

Lithium Battery Capacity: 3.7V 300mAh

Continuous Working hours: 6 hours

Certification: CE

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Hadley Macejkovic

fast delivery the goods are correct tested very far so good.

Alana Zemlak

It accordance with the product description of quality and speed of shipping
Detects very well
Very well packed

Fausto McGlynn

Good cable, tube or Rod tester and DETECTOR, works very well. Fast shipping.

Zackery Kertzmann

The product is excellent, works well. You just need to adapt to it. I recommend it.

Ollie McKenzie

Packed perfectly, delivery is fast. The device works perfectly, the main thing is to pre-calibrate. Recommend!