Metal Frame Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

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Introducing our Reading Glasses - the ideal fusion of style and eye protection.

In today's digital world, these glasses offer a range of features, including anti-blue light and photochromic lenses, high-quality frame plating, flexible hinges, and comfortable nose pads.

With UV protection for outdoor activities, our glasses redefine eyewear, ensuring style, comfort, and eye health in one chic package. Elevate your look, enhance your visual comfort, and embrace the future of eyewear.

Stylish Design: Elevate your style while enhancing your eye comfort with our Reading Glasses. These eyeglasses feature a sleek and fashionable metal frame that complements any outfit, making you look effortlessly chic.

Anti-Blue Light Protection: Shield your eyes from the harmful effects of prolonged screen time. Reading Glasses are equipped with advanced anti-blue light technology, effectively blocking out the harmful blue rays emitted by digital devices, reducing eye strain, and helping you maintain healthy vision.

High-Quality Alloy Frame Plating: Our Reading Glasses boast a high-quality alloy frame with exquisite plating, offering not only durability but also a touch of luxury. The superior craftsmanship ensures that these glasses will stand the test of time.
Flexible Hinge: Enjoy a comfortable and secure fit with the flexible hinge feature of these glasses. The hinge design allows for easy adjustment, ensuring they conform perfectly to your face for a personalized and snug fit.
Comfortable Nosepads and Acetate Tips: Experience unparalleled comfort with soft and ergonomic nosepads that rest gently on your nose, preventing any discomfort during extended wear. The acetate tips of these glasses add another layer of comfort while enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Anti-Reflective Lenses: Our Reading Glasses with anti-reflective lenses are designed to significantly reduce unwanted glare and reflections. This feature enhances your visual clarity, making it easier to read, work, or enjoy your favorite activities without annoying distractions. Say goodbye to the irritation caused by reflective surfaces, ensuring a smoother, more comfortable experience.

UV Protection: For outdoor enthusiasts, our Reading Glasses with UV protection are a must-have. These lenses not only block out the harmful effects of blue light but also provide a shield against the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. Your eyes stay safe and comfortable, even in bright sunlight. Enjoy your time outdoors with confidence, knowing your eyes are well-protected.Polycarbonate Lenses: The Reading Glasses come with lenses made of high-quality polycarbonate, known for its exceptional durability and resistance to impact. These lenses are not only lightweight but also provide excellent optical clarity, making them perfect for daily wear.


Lenses Color: Clear

Lenses Material: Polycarbonate

Lenses Optical Attribute: Anti-reflective

Frame Material: Alloy

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Daphnee Walker


Bernadette O'Conner

Quality nice

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Rita Morar

Did buy these classes before, they are a good buy. Clear and sturdy. Where send very fast. thanks!

Sammie Champlin

Not the first time I order. Recommend