NightGlow™ Illuminated Retractable Dog Leash With LED Flashlight & RGB Ring

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Introducing the Automatic Retractable Dog Leash with LED Luminous Lighting—an innovation that brings safety, style, and convenience to your dog-walking adventures.

This remarkable leash is designed to make nighttime walks a breeze, featuring a built-in LED flashlight and a RGB light ring that not only illuminates your path but also adds a touch of fashion to your outings.

With intuitive touch controls, ergonomic design, and tangle-free technology, this leash is a game-changer for pet owners. Explore its features and enjoy the freedom to walk your dog confidently, day or night.

With the Retractable Touch Lighting Dog Leash, you'll enjoy safer, more enjoyable nighttime walks with your furry friend. Its innovative features are designed to enhance your experience and provide you with peace of mind during every outing.
Retractable Touch Lighting: Elevate your dog-walking experience with our Retractable Touch Lighting Dog Leash. This leash is a game-changer for nighttime outings, thanks to its integrated LED flashlight and RGB light ring.

Five-Color LED Lights: The double-sided RGB light ring adds an element of excitement to your nighttime walks. Choose from five captivating colors to match your mood or style: red, green, blue, yellow, and pink. Not only do these colors make your dog leash fashionable, but they also enhance safety by increasing your visibility and that of your beloved pet during nighttime adventures.

Ultra Bright LED Light: The leash's built-in flashlight is a beacon of safety on your nighttime excursions. With an ultra-bright LED light, you can confidently navigate dark paths, ensuring a well-lit and secure journey for both you and your furry companion.

Intuitive Touch Controls: Navigating through different lighting options has never been easier. Our leash boasts an intuitive touch control system:

  • First touch: A quick double-tap activates the built-in flashlight, providing immediate illumination.
  • Second touch: A single touch activates the mesmerizing rings of colored LED lights, setting a vibrant atmosphere for your walk.
  • Third touch: For maximum visibility and ambiance, combine the flashlight and colored LED rings with a single touch.
  • Fourth touch: When your adventure is over, a simple touch turns off the lights, conserving battery life for your next outing.

360° Tangle-Free Design: No more frustrating tangles or twists! The leash's U-shaped retraction opening allows you to control your dog from any angle. Whether your pet decides to zigzag or explore freely, you can maintain control without any interruptions.

Ergonomic Comfort: Designed for your comfort and ease of use, our leash features an ergonomic handle made from non-slip TPR material. Say goodbye to hand fatigue, as this handle provides a secure and comfortable grip, making each walk a pleasure for both you and your dog.

One-Button Operation: Simplify your dog-walking experience with the one-button operation. Adjust the leash length effortlessly by pressing the button, granting you the flexibility to let your dog explore or keep them close as needed.
Adjustable Length Options: Tailor the leash to your dog's size and activity level. The retractable leash offers two length options:

  • 3 meters (approximately 118 inches): Ideal for smaller dogs or controlled walks.
  • 5 meters (approximately 197 inches): Perfect for medium and large dogs, giving them ample space to roam and play while maintaining control.

Variety of Colors: 
Express your personal style with leash options available in three colors: Green, Orange, and Purple. Choose the hue that suits your taste and complements your dog's personality.


Material: Plastic

Material: Orange / Green / Purple

Feature: LED Colorful Light / Tough & Durable / 360° Tangle-free

Length: 3M, 5M

Battery: 2*AAA battery(Not Included)

Size: 18.5x11x5cm

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Customer Reviews

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Victor Herzenberg

This product is the best. I give 5 stars for this one. Recommend!

Mareike Malucha

love it!! works great and feels really well in my hand

Nicole Dück

works good the light shanges by it self but we like it

Elaine Eberhardt

Very satisfied with the purchase. fast shipping. Excellent quality, comfortable, durable. My best recommendations.

Judy Hackbusch

Very happy with it, sturdy material. Light is super handy