Rotatable 2 in 1 Rechargeable UV Mosquito Swatter

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Introducing our 90 Degree Rotatable Mosquito Swatter, a versatile and efficient solution for eliminating mosquitoes.

Its unique feature allows you to rotate the swatter, ensuring no dead angles when killing mosquitoes.

Equipped with a powerful UV light bug zapper, it attracts and eliminates mosquitoes effectively.

The swatter is rechargeable, offering convenience without the need for batteries. It can be used as a handheld swatter or a standing trap with a UV lamp, providing flexibility for different situations.


We get it. You’re tired of mosquitoes breaking up your party. Who wants BBQ when bugs keep trying to eat your face?

Say goodbye to mosquitoes with ease and efficiency using our 90 Degree Rotatable Mosquito Swatter with UV Light Bug Zapper.

Instant Results:
Our 90 Degree Rotatable Mosquito Swatter, a versatile and efficient solution for getting rid of mosquitoes. This innovative product focuses on providing a unique feature - the angle of the mosquito swatter can be rotated, ensuring no dead angles when killing mosquitoes.
Instantly kills any flying bugs such as flies, mosquitoes, gnats, fruit flies, or moths.

Attracts Bugs:
So without using heavy scientific jargon that only scientists would understand, how does this thing work? The lamp uses radiation-free violet light waves to attract mosquitoes. It’s like honey to flies. It’s not the light that kills them. It’s the contact between the mosquito and the two electrodes of the device.
The UV light serves as a highly efficient lure, attracting mosquitoes towards it, and upon contact, the electric swatter delivers a quick and effective kill.

It offers a 2-in-1 functionality, serving as both a handheld electric swatter and a standing trap with a UV lamp.
As a handheld swatter, it provides you with the freedom to target and kill mosquitoes in any direction, while the standing trap option allows you to place it in a strategic location, attracting and trapping mosquitoes while you attend to other tasks.

High Capacity Rechargeable Battery:
our mosquito swatter is rechargeable, allowing you to use it whenever needed without the hassle of replacing batteries.
It features a high-capacity rechargeable battery for extra runtime and longevity. Charge via the USB Type-C port.

Safe & High Quality:
This device kills bugs before they get to you or your guests. And it does it all without chemicals.
It's non-toxic and safe so you can feel secure in your own home!
Comes with a 3-layer wire mesh design for safety protection. No shock in case of accidental touch.
How can you resist something so simple and so brilliant? Get it now.


Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Lifespan: 50000 hours

Voltage: 5V

Battery Capacity: 1200mAh

Charging time: 2 hours

Mosquito Lamp mode: 8 hours

Mosquito Swatter mode: 30 days (Use 20 times a day)

Rotatable angle: 90°

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Hector Konopelski

I am very satisfied.

Gust Gorczany

Excellent product!

Aurelio Reichel

Great product matches the description, works perfectly, arrived very fast.