SafeHands™ Hygienic Multifunctional Touch Screen EDC Keychain ***3pcs**

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This Hygienic And Touch Free Tool Opens And Touches Things So You Won’t Have To Touch Them With Your Hands. Is A Must Have This 2020 To Keep You Safe And Protected From Germs and Viruses When You Are In Public Places. Its Multifunctional Design Allows You To Open Doors, Touch Atm Screens, Move Chairs, Pick Up And Carry Bags, Press The Elevator Button And More! 

Avoid Contact With Dirty, Contaminated Surfaces From Door Handles, Atm Buttons, Keypads And Touch Screens With The Innovative And Life-Changing Safehands™ 


Multifunctional: Its convenient size attaches easily to your keychain, and is comfortably designed to press the button, move the chair, flush the toilet and carry shopping bags, etc.


Zero Contact, Touch Free, and Hygienic: It is suitable for various environments and can effectively reduce direct contact with surfaces or things. Touch-free and Hygienic, this amazing everyday keychain tool offers a better way to open doors & use shared surfaces

Easy to use: Just open the lid and grab it or use one hand to press it very easily. It keeps your hands clean and doesn’t damage the doors and buttons.


Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones: We are constantly exposed to many different shared surfaces filled with pathogens, viruses, and bacteria and it is of utmost importance to keep yourself protected because that means your loved ones will also be safe!


Note: Sanitize the SafeHands™ door opener when finished and wash your hands after. This handy tool will increase your safety. Our goal here is to give you a tool to further reduce your risks of exposure.10

Touch Screen Function: You can also easily use it to control the screen of your phone with more accuracy than your fingertip!


Metals Type: Zinc Alloy and Brass
Package includes 3 x SafeHands™ Hygienic Multifunctional Touch Screen EDC Keychain


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