Collapsible Drying Dish Rack

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This innovative space-saving collapsible dish rack is the best answer to limited countertop space!
Easily stores and organizes dishwares and cookwares, this dish rack is a great life-hack for saving valuable kitchen space in small apartments, caravans and mobile homes. When you are done using it simply collapse it to gain additional countertop space.


  • Easy to store and carry around - light and foldable, a great solution for small kitchens with limited counter spaces. 
  • Large capacity - it can hold up to 8 regular-sized plates, and features a different area for silverware, glasses and other kitchen utensils.
  • BPA free & rust Proof   -  safe to use, been tested and proven to be safe,  made of reusable plastics and can be used hundreds of times.


Create the illusion of a bigger kitchen!
Lack of counter space can be a bit frustrating, Now saving countertop space is easier than ever 
with this revolutionary, smart solution! This dish rack can hold up to 20 dishes at the same time, folds and pops up in a matter of seconds and fit into a small drawer or under the sink.

This one of a kind collapsible dish rack is made of a flexible material that can easily fold in half with an accordion motion. You can dry your plates, glasses, silverware and even frying pans or small pots. Simply put the rack back in a drawer, on a shelf or any other place once you are done. 

Dry your dishes even outside
No more Disposable dishes! if you are a camper you probably hate washing dishes at camp and end up bringing all the dirty dishes back home so you wouldn’t have to deal with it. Now you have found the quickest and easiest system to wash the dishes while camping! It’s foldable and easy to store.


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