Pain Relief Silicone Suction Cup Set

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Use This Silicone Vacuum Massage Suction Cup Set  For Massaging Different Parts Of The Body, Reducing Cellulitis, Removing Eye Wrinkles And Toning The Skin.

PREMIUM QUALITY MEDICAL GRADE SILICONE CUPS: Our massage cups are made of clear medical-grade silicone material. They are perfectly safe to use on your skin and will not cause any irritation.

4 PIECES FOR DIFFERENT BODY PARTS: Each set has 4 pieces: 2 for the body, one for the face, and one for removing eye wrinkles and under the eyes bag wrinkles. You can, therefore, target specific body areas for best results. They are also perfect for toning the skin and helping with cellulitis.

VERY EASY TO USE: These cupping cups are easy to use and you can cup by yourself anytime, anywhere. Simply apply nourishing cream oil to the skin, squeeze massage cup, press cup mouth to your skin, release, and move it slowly in straight lines, circles, or zigzags.
MAKES YOU FEEL REFRESHED: This silicone massage cupping kit offers the perfect relief from muscle and joint pains. It is perfect for helping you achieve an improved circulation of blood and lymph interstitial liquid.

COMPLETELY SAFE AND PAINLESS TECHNIQUE: The vacuum suction technique used in our massage set is completely safe. It is painless, can be used on all body parts, and does not cause infection. Use 2-3 times a week for best results.
Do you suffer from muscle pains and aches? Or do you just love the relief of a suction massage? Are you looking for a massage set that is both easy to use and effective?

This set is the perfect kit for you. It is made from medical-grade silicone that is perfectly safe for your skin. It is also very easy to use, meaning you can use by yourself anywhere you are, anytime, for a refreshing experience afterward. It is perfect for relieving muscle and joint pains, inflammation, helping with arthritis, and relieving stress.

How to Use

Step One: Apply massage oil or cream to the area for massaging.

Step Two: Move your cup over the area to be massaged like your legs, thighs, hips, tummy, buttocks, neck, face.

Step Three: Make Rotating Movements For At Least 3 Minutes.

Step Four: When using the massage roller, grab firmly the handle and push in a downward motion over the target area by putting gentle pressure.

Material: Silicone

Package includes 4 pcs set:

Large Cup: (DxH) 70mm* 80m/2.75*3.15 inch

Medium Cup: (DxH) 55mm* 55m/2.16*2.16 inch

Small Cup: (DxH) 37mm* 80mm/1.45*3.15 inch

Smallest Cup : (DxH) 15mm* 50mm/0.59*1.97 inch

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Freddy Dicki

Arrived super fast and is good quality

Mattie Batz

Excellent. As in the photo.

Hans Legros

very good quality, product is even much better than what I expected, Thank you!