Slimming Compression Arm Shapers For Women

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Tone And Shape Your Arms In No Time With The Slimming Compression Arm Shapers For Women! The Shaping Sleeves Are Made Of Extra Tight Compression Material To Put Pressure On Your Arm Muscles To Tone Them And Burn Fat. The Arm Sleeves Also Have Textured Ribs That Targets Cellulite And Improves Skin Appearance.

arm shaping sleeve

  • Shapes & tones arms- Compression sleeve with textured ribs stimulates fat burning and targets cellulite
  • Boosts blood circulation to your upper arms 
  • Soft, breathable material- Comfortable to use throughout the day
  • Non-slip silicone band to prevent it from slipping down 
 The wearing time of each pair should not exceed 8 hours, please replace it in time after each exercise! 

Designed extra tight for advanced arm compression to tone up loose and sagging skin on the arm area, and accentuates your curves by shaping your biceps.

Textured ribs stimulate the skin to promote fat burning.

The combination of ribbed texture and high compression melts fat and cellulite with noticeably visible results after a few days.

    Advanced compression technology boosts blood circulation and lymphatic circulation and stimulates fat burning.

    Tightens and firms cellulite while accentuating your curves 

    Comfortable to use daily at any time of the day.
    Non-slip silicone band keeps it in place.
  • Slimming Compression Arm Shapers For Women
  • Color: Black / Beige

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