Smart-Sensor Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector

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Save money on electricians and DIY with this safe and convenient non-contact voltage detector! The smart-sensor probe detects socket AC voltage and live/neutral wires. When high voltage or live wires are detected, it'll beep and flash red on the LED indicator. Low voltage flashes green. The higher the voltage, the higher the frequency of beeps and flashes.

It has a built-in LED flashlight, for easy work in dark conditions. Designed with durable ABS insulation for advanced non-contact safety, it's lightweight and portable so you can work anytime, anywhere. The perfect handy tool for safe and efficient electrical work! 

---Operated with 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries, to save power the voltage detector will automatically power off after 5 minutes of no use or AC voltage detection. When the battery is low, the power indicator light will flash 3 times, the buzzer will beep one time, and the tester will power off. To replace the batteries, simply twist the battery cap to open the battery compartment.


  • Audio/visual voltage indicator
  • White LED flashlight
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • AC voltage detection: 12-1000V/48-1000V
  • Size: 15.6*2*2cm
  • Weight: ~45g
  • Power Supply: 2 AAA Batteries

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