Smart Spiral Tent Stakes (10 Pcs)

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Tired of your tent stakes failing during a windy day or at the beach?
If you like the outdoors and camping out, then you know how important it is to anchor your tent or tarp properly so it doesn't get blown away. A strong anchoring point is essential in keeping your tent or tarp firmly attached to the ground. Most hammer-in tent stakes are made of metal and if you're not careful or if the ground is too hard you may bend them while trying to drive them into the ground with a mallet.
  • These specially designed Smart Stakes are ideal for tightening down your tent using nothing but your own two hands! Just apply a Smart Spiral Tent Stake to the ground, screw it into the ground, and you've got yourself a strong, reliable tent peg.
  • Additionally, this product includes a set of 10 Smart Spiral Tent Pegs, so you'll have more than enough for your tent.


    • Product Size: about 14.5 * 7 * 1 / 5.7 * 2.76 * 0.39 inch

    • Material: Nylon plastics

    • Quantity: x10 pieces



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