Smart Blood Pressure Monitor With Large Touch LCD Screen & Intelligent Voice Broadcast

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Introducing our Smart Touch Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor-a user-friendly device designed for effortless health monitoring with:

*One-key measurement
*Touch screen design, 
*Swift measurements
*Intelligent voice broadcast,
*Adaptive pressure control to ensure accuracy and comfort

The upgraded chip records seamlessly, and the blood pressure grading index adds clarity. Compact and portable, it's your on-the-go health companion.
Welcome to convenient and accurate health management.

One-key Measurement with Touch Screen Design: Experience effortless blood pressure monitoring with the Smart Touch LCD Screen Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor. Its one-key measurement feature simplifies the process, complemented by a user-friendly touch screen design. The large font display makes it especially suitable for elderly individuals, ensuring clear and easy-to-read results.

Ultra-fast Wrist Measurement Technology: Designed for convenience, this wrist blood pressure monitor boasts ultra-fast pressure measurement speed. With the ability to be easily worn with just one hand, it delivers accurate readings in a mere 1.5 seconds. This swift functionality enhances user experience, making it a practical choice for on-the-go health monitoring.
Intelligent Voice Broadcast for Easy Monitoring: Equipped with intelligent voice broadcast, this digital sphygmomanometer provides easy-to-understand guidance during measurement. The voice prompts ensure that users can effortlessly listen to their blood pressure readings, adding an additional layer of accessibility and usability to the device.

Adaptive Intelligent Pressure Control: The device features intelligent pressure control that adapts to individual variations in cuff inflation. Once a certain pressure level is reached, it intelligently stops inflation, preventing discomfort caused by excessive pressure. This ensures a personalized and comfortable blood pressure measurement experience for every user.
Upgrade Chip with Extensive Memory: Powered by an upgraded chip, this blood pressure monitor offers a large capacity memory, allowing storage of 2×99 groups of measurements. The continuous accuracy of measurements and the ability to distinguish records from different users make it a reliable and versatile health monitoring tool.

Blood Pressure Grading Index for Clear Understanding: The inclusion of a blood pressure grading index adds an insightful dimension to monitoring. The color-coded system helps users understand their blood pressure status at a glance. Green indicates normal blood pressure, yellow suggests mild hypertension, and red signifies severe hypertension, providing a clearer interpretation of health metrics.
Compact and Portable Design: Designed with practicality in mind, this wrist blood pressure monitor is compact and portable. Its pocket-sized form makes it an ideal companion for individuals on the move, meeting the blood pressure measurement needs in various scenarios, including business travel, tourism, and office settings.


Material: ABS

Application: Wrist

Item Type: Blood Pressure

Size: Smart Touch Voice Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Wrist band: 13.5-19.5cm

Color: Black

Power supply: DC 3.5V 0.5A

Display: Colorful Led Display

Memory: 2*99 Sets

Measurement range: 0~299mmHg

LED size: 2.55x1.96 in

weight: 100g

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Customer Reviews

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Garrick Paucek

Good product 100% recommended

Charles Mitchell

Very very satisfied for this device... *********

Janae Cormier

The quality is excellent, the delivery is fast

Kamron Howell

Thanks, it works.

Brigitte Bruen

Received a tonometer, super product works well, with voice support. I advise you to buy it, it is necessary and convenient to use. It is especially important who has a drop or rise in pressure.