Xiaomi™ SmartSensor Hands-Free Activation Water-Saving Faucet Head

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Save time, money, and water! This innovative faucet head attaches with easy installation to your kitchen tap and features 2 infrared sensors for hands-free activation, preventing cross contamination, and reducing your water bill.

Just hold your hands under the Instant Mode bottom sensor and water will flow until you take them away again. Move your hand once past the Flowing Mode side sensor and water will run until you trigger the sensor again, or automatically after 3 minutes.


Just charge it with micro-USB and install it and you're ready to save water and make your kitchen activities easier.


✔ Saves more than 50% water

✔ Reduces the cost of your water bill

✔ Prevents germs and cross contamination

✔ Easy to install

✔ Up to 6 months of use with a single charge

✔ Made from durable ABS material

✔ Fits most US, UK, EU, CA, AU faucets (6x adapters included )


  • Weight: 105g
  • Size: 6 × 3.4 × 4.9cm / 2.36" × 1.33" × 1.92"
  • Standby energy consumption: 0.2mW
  • Working water pressure: 0.05-0.8MPa
  • Working water temperature: ≤75°C
  • Sensing range: Flowing Mode side sensing 0-5cm / Instant Mode bottom sensing 0-10cm
  • Charging method: Micro-USB
  • Adapters included: M20 internal thread, M22 internal thread, G1/2 internal thread, M20 external thread, M22 external thread, M24 external thread


  • 1x Smart sensor
  • 1x installation wrench
  • 3x sealing rings
  • 6x adapters
  • 1x manual

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