Squeeze Self-Draining "TouchFree" Super Absorbent Smart Mop Kit

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Introducing the Squeeze Self-draining Collodion Mop, the ultimate tool for easy and efficient cleaning of walls, ceilings, and floors. Featuring a hand wash free design, this mop allows you to squeeze out excess water without touching the dirty mop head.

Equipped with super absorbent sponge heads, this mop excels at deep cleaning. It effectively collects dust, hair, and stains, working perfectly on tiles, laminates, marble, and hardwood floors.

With grooves designed for thorough cleaning, the mop ensures a spotless home with minimal effort. Enjoy a cleaner, fresher home with ease!

Hand Wash Free Design: This sponge mop has a simple and practical design, making it easy to squeeze the sponge head by pulling and lifting the manual lever. There's no need to touch the dirty mop head, allowing you to easily squeeze the excess water out of the sponge. This self-squeeze mop is ideal for daily household cleaning tasks, and it's a reliable helper for cleaning the living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

2 PCS Super Absorbent Sponges: Equipped with two super absorbent sponge heads, this mop can absorb water several times better than a traditional cloth mop. It effectively collects stains and hairs from the ground, ensuring a thorough clean. The sponge's good air permeability prevents unpleasant odors caused by long-term dampness, and it quickly rebounds to its original state.
Suitable for Deep Floor Cleaning: The sponge head features grooves designed for deep cleaning of floors. When dragged across the ground, it easily collects fine fluff, hair, and dust particles. You can adjust the mopping posture freely to ensure the mop head fully touches the floor. This feature helps prevent slips caused by excessive water stains, keeping your floors fresh and tidy.
Suitable for Most Scenarios: This mop is versatile enough to clean smooth hard floors, tiles, laminates, marble, hardwood floors, and more. It is sufficient for most cleaning tasks, making it an essential tool for daily household cleaning.


Shape: Triangle

Pole Material: Steel

Corrosion Resistance Grade: Grade 9.0-9.9

Absorption: <10 seconds

Mop Rod Type: Hoisting Rod + Stainless Tray

Mop Head Material: PP

Packaging: With 2 Mopheads

Handle Type: Telescopic

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