WingLight™ Metamorphic 7 LED Headlamp

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WingLight™ metamorphic 7 LED Headlamp is the latest technological advancement in the tactical/outdoor gear area. It has 7 Highly adjustable LED lamps. The lamps are installed in a form of 2 "wings" that can be raised or lowered freely.

WingLight™ is the first of its kind to utilize this technology. You can use it's "wings" to your advantage at countless scenarios outdoors. It allows you to light the way at any conceivable angle. This is the ultimate companion for camping/fishing trips or any other tactical activity.

Includes batteries & charging cable


WingLight™ features 7 spread LED lights that have 4 functions:


Each function offers different use in each situations. The important thing is - you have all the options at your disposal.

WingLight™ is powered by 3 included 18650 lithium batteries which are stored in a special compartment behind the headlamp. The batteries can be recharged via included USB cable.

Modes: 3 LED/ 4 LED/ 7 LED/Strobe
Light light Source: T6
Luminous Flux:50000LM
Battery Type: Powered by*3 18650 lithium batteries



x1Headlight+1*Wall Charger
x1USB Cable
x318650 Batteries


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