RadiantSmile™ Teeth Whitening Bamboo Charcoal Powder & Wooden Tooth Brush

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You wouldn’t believe what a huge difference it makes to look at your elegant & stylish white teeth as you smile in the mirror! Now you can go to a higher level of attractiveness with this amazing activated charcoal teeth whitening powder! Give an extra charm to your smile and personal image, feel more attractive and confident about yourself! This amazing whitening powder is life-changing!



NATURAL TEETH WHITENING – Whiten your teeth without the use of any chemicals or harsh bleaching techniques – Activated Charcoal Powder makes use of scientifically proven ingredients, offers quick results, and makes your teeth a few shades whiter within few minutes.


EFFECTIVE STAIN & PLAQUE REMOVAL – Coconut charcoal binds to toxins, plaque, food particles & surface stains, which are removed with when you rinse your mouth – be it stains of coffee, cigarettes, or wine our charcoal teeth whitener does wonders!


SAFE & GENTLE: Since it's highly effective & made of nothing but pure ingredients, this premium black charcoal whitening powder acts gently on enamel and is ideal even for people who struggle with sensitive teeth


FIGHTS ODOR & IMPROVES ORAL HEALTH – Infused with a touch of mint flavor, our tooth whitening powder helps prevent tooth decay and gingivitis by eliminating germs & bacteria that not only produce bad odor but also eat away your enamel



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