SmartBreeze™ Adjustable Air Conditioner Deflector

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Direct air conditioner exposure can lead to negative health effects. This adjustable AC deflector is designed to shield cold air from blowing directly at you, creating a natural and evenly spread breeze to balance the temperature of the entire room, keeping you healthy and comfortable.

The telescopic design extends from 54 to 70 cm ensuring that it fits most AC types. The adjustable deflector can be tilted and rotated freely so you can choose up, down, or sideways airflow.


Avoid symptoms and illnesses like dry cough, runny nose, flu, and even imbalance of the brain which leads to fatigue and weakness. Hardware is included for simple assembly and easy stick-on installation.

1. Simple installation - Because of it's simple yet ingeniously effective design, you never have to worry about installation because it is extremely easy. Attaching and detaching can be done by anyone in a matter of minutes even if it's your first time.

2. Fits all types of air con -  Because of it's retractable design, it fits most types of air-conditioners including cassette type, suspended type, wall-mounted type, floor-standing type, round diffuser type, wall diffuser type and so on. If it doesn't fit, we will refund your money and let you keep it.

3. It works in all kind of seasons - Whether it's winter, summer or spring, this is something that you absolutely need because it can deflect both hot and cold wind.  

4. Protect everyone in your family - If you have a kid or baby at home, then you absolutely need it. It is very unhealthy for a baby to have cold wind blowing directly at their face. Buy this for someone you love and protect them from the harmful side effects of air conditioners. 


  • Material: PP
  • Colors available: White, Light Blue
  • Size: ~54 x 11cm / 21.25" x 4.33" (Extended: 70 x 11cm / 27.55" x 4.33")

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