AirPower™ Portable Multifunctional Electric Car Air Compressor

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Keep your inflatable items firm wherever you go! 

This Incredible AirPower™ Portable Multifunctional Auto Electric Inflator is not only extremely practical to take on the road to keep your tires in perfect state, but it can also be used for pumping up an air bed for a camping trip or even inflating a football for a kick-around in the park. Whatever you’re inflating, this handy will allow you to do so with extreme ease!

8892401909_2030387012Practical and Time Saver:
Tires and other inflatable items such as balls, inflatable pools and beds have a way of leaking at the most inconvenient times. Owning your own Electric Tyre Pump means you can conveniently and routinely check your tire pressure, making sure they’re in an optimal range.  This Incredible AirPower™ Electric Automatic Inflator is extremely convenient for inflating no matter where you happen to be.

Portable Car Air Compressor DC 12V Digital Tire Inflator Air Pump ...
Two Styles Available:
Comes in Digital style and Pointer Style so you can choose the one that suits best your preference.

AirPower™ Electric Automatic Inflator is perfect for Automobiles Tires, Motor Vehicle Tires, Bicycles, Ball, Rubber Boats, Inflatable Pool, and more!

Digital Display:
Use the LCD display of the tyre compressor with simple button controls to set your desired degree of inflation. The digital pressure gauge will detect when the desired air pressure is reached, shutting off the unit automatically to prevent over inflation.

For Car Motorcycle Portable Digital Tire Inflator DC 12V LED Light ...
Pre-set Tyre Pressure:
Pumping stops automatically once desired air pressure has been reached

60 Seconds Speed:
This amazing device can inflate your tire in only 60 seconds or less.

Built-In Led Light:
With the built-in LED light, you won't have trouble seeing what you're doing with your tire, even when you're working in a shadowy garage, parked under a broken streetlight, or broken down next to an unlit rural road.

Durable & Sturdy Metal Motor: Made with premium materials in order to cool very fast and have extreme heat resistance to last for the years to come. 


4 Pressure Units Adjustable: 
You can easily adjust it to KPA/BAR/PSI/KGF

Easy To Use: 
Comes with clear, easy to read LCD display and simple controls. Only press to inflate easily and effortlessly!


Cigarette lighter cable length: 2.8M/9.1 Ft

Item Width: 15.5cm/ 6.1 IN

Voltage: DC 12V

Item Diameter: 8cm/ 3.1 IN

Item Height: 8cm/ 3.1 IN

Item Length: 19.5cm/ 7.6 IN

Maximum Pressure: 150PSI

Material Type: ABS+Electronic Component


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