Expandeez™ Engraved Waistband Extenders (6Pcs)

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EXPANDEEZ™ allows any pants to become elasticized by expanding their waistband an extra 2-4 centimeters!

It's the best way ever to add extra centimeters to the waistband of your pants.

Expandeez™ extenders are removable and reusable so you'll save a fortune on alterations or on buying new clothes after gaining a little weight!


Use Expandeez™ to alter jeans, suit pants, slacks, and skirts in seconds. With the Expandeez™ expanders it's like always having a custom tailor at your fingertips. Expandeez™ Buttons are so strong you can even use it on thick denim, corduroy, suede and leather.

Best of all there's no needles, no threads and no sewing at all!

EXPANDEEZ can stay on your pants without being removed once properly attached... only remove ​before washing.


STRETCHES TO FIT YOUR SIZE – Simply loop the extension around your original pants button and slip the extension through the existing buttonhole. This works for tight trousers, jeans, slacks and skirt waistbands (No sewing needed).

DISCREET & COMFORTABLE - The Expandeez™ Waistband Extenders are barely noticeable and will virtually disappear beneath your belt. Designed with rounded edges for increased comfort, you’ll forget they’re even there!

REDISCOVER YOUR WARDROBE - Everyone has their favorite outfits that sometimes get a bit snug in the waistline. With Expandeez™ Waistband Extenders you can rediscover Your Clothes by expanding any tight waistline in your wardrobe.

VALUE 6-PACK – Each package includes 6 Expandeez™ Engraved Waistband Extenders made of 100% quality metal.


  • Button diameter: about 1.9cm
  • Expansion range: About 2cm, Can Stretch up to 4cm


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