Paracord Survival knife Bracelet

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Rule #1 and Scout Motto is “Be Prepared”! And with this functional paracord bracelet, you will!

Not only does this paracord bracelet looks cool, but it can also save your life in an emergency situation!

Conveniently carry this stainless-steel survival tool around your wrist, or on your key chain, basically wherever you go.

Here are just a few things it can come in handy for

  • Cutting rope, tape or wire
  • Self Defense
  • Camping
  • Box Cutter
  • & much more!

Use the high-grade military paracord for

  • a Shoelace
  • Fishing line
  • To tie knots
  • Survival situation
  • Tourniquet to stop bleeding
  • Splint an injury

Easily access the tool by simply squeezing the two side locks together and pulling.

Perfect for a gift or just to impress your friends with this fashionable survival tool

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