SOAP-TO-GO™ Sliced Soap Sheets ***3 sets of 20 Sheets***

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Keeping hands clean is one of the most important things we can do to stay healthy and avoid spreading germs. These incredible Soap Slice Sheets are lightweight and portable, convenient and extremely easy to use. They dissolve quickly, protect against germs and are made of natural ingredients that protect your skin, keeping it moisturized and safe!


  • Kills Germs, Virus, and Bacteria - Many diseases and conditions are spread by not washing hands with soap and clean, running water... Germs can get into the body through the eyes, nose, and mouth and make us sick. You can reduce the possibility of falling ill simply by just washing your hands frequently with soap. Prevention is so much better than cure!

  • Space-Saving Design - The space-saving design able to fit easily in pockets, handbags and other travel options. Just take out a sheet and gently wash and rinse thoroughly with water when there is a need.

  • Portable and Lightweight - The soap sheets are designed to be paper-thin and lightweight. Hence they can dissolve easily in water. They are easy to bring anywhere and use anytime. 

  • Natural ingredients for your skin The ingredients are all-natural and free from phosphate. The natural essences deliver moisturization to hands and keep them refreshed without causing dryness or irritation. They are suitable for all skin types, extremely gentle and safe for daily use.


    Quantity: 3 sets of 20pcs (every set /box includes 20 x soap Slice Sheets)
    Size: 7*4.5cm 2.7*1.7 IN

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