Triple-Flow Handheld Control Showerhead

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Upgrade your shower with this cutting-edge showerhead! Unlike standard low-flow showerheads, this features 3 different flow options for a variety of shower experiences - a single-jet power flow, a strong 25 pinhole massaging mist, or a delicate 92 double-flow pinhole stream!

Enjoy handheld control using the convenient easy-switch, allowing one-handed flow mode adjustment, giving you the control that conventional rotary showerheads don't even with soapy slippery hands. Perfect for for bathing toddlers!


Installation doesn't require tools or hiring expensive plumbers. Just twist it on any standard shower and you're ready to enjoy showering like never before! 


  • 117 pinholes + 1 single flow jet
  • Material: Electroplated ABS

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