WiFi Smart Home Temperature Humidity Sensor

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Smart Precision, Ultimate Comfort

Introducing the Tuya WiFi Smart Temperature Humidity Sensor – your ticket to precision climate control. With top-tier accuracy, real-time monitoring, and app integration with Tuya, Smart Life, Alexa, and Google Home, this sensor ensures a seamless smart home experience. From global remote monitoring to intelligent linkages and third-party voice support, it's a game-changer.

Install it effortlessly, share data with family, and enjoy features like customizable units, low battery alerts, and insightful visualizations. Elevate your indoor comfort – where precision meets convenience. Welcome to the future of smart living with Tuya.

High Precision Measurement: The Tuya WiFi Smart Temperature Humidity Sensor employs top-tier suppliers to ensure unparalleled precision in measuring temperature and humidity data. Trust in the accuracy of your indoor climate monitoring with this advanced sensor.

Real-time Monitoring and Recording: Experience the convenience of real-time temperature and humidity monitoring through the intuitive app. The sensor not only records the fluctuations but also provides graphical representations, allowing you to easily visualize changes and trends over time.

Scene Linkage Integration: Serve as the central data source for Tuya Smart, Smart Life, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. Leverage the sensor's capabilities to automate various processes based on temperature and humidity data, enhancing your smart home experience.
Third-Party Voice Support: Seamlessly integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant to effortlessly check current temperature and humidity levels using simple voice commands. Enjoy hands-free control and instant updates on your indoor environment.

APP Remote Monitoring: Access real-time temperature and humidity data from anywhere in the world when the sensor is registered and connected to the internet via the dedicated app. Stay informed and make informed decisions about your indoor environment no matter where you are.
Accurate Measurement Assurance: Rest easy knowing that the sensor provides accurate measurements, ensuring the reliability of the data used to make decisions about your living spaces.
Application Scenarios: Install the sensor wherever WiFi connectivity is available, ensuring versatile and effective monitoring throughout your home. From living rooms to bedrooms, stay in control of your indoor environment.

Share with Your Family: Enable seamless sharing of sensor data with family members, allowing everyone to monitor and contribute to maintaining an optimal indoor environment.Intelligent Linkage for Automated Control: Create intelligent linkages with other smart devices based on ambient changes. For instance, have the air conditioner kick in automatically when the room temperature exceeds 28℃ or activate the humidifier when humidity drops below 20% RH.
Temperature Unit Selection in App: Customize your temperature display preferences by choosing between Celsius (℃) or Fahrenheit (℉) units through the user-friendly app interface.

Third-Party Voice Control: Enjoy the convenience of voice commands with compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, providing a hands-free solution for checking the current indoor conditions.

Low Battery Alarm: Stay ahead of power issues with a low battery alarm feature, ensuring that you are promptly alerted when it's time to replace the battery.

Temperature and Humidity Changes Visualization: Monitor the temperature and humidity change curves along with historical data to gain insights into patterns and trends over time.

Wall-Mounted, Easy Installation: Effortlessly install the sensor on your wall for a discreet and streamlined appearance. Enjoy the benefits of advanced monitoring without compromising on aesthetics.


Wireless Type: WiFi 2.4GHz/Zigbee 3.0

Temperature Measure Range: -20℃~60℃

Temperature Measure Accuracy: ±1℃

Smart home platform: Alexa,Tuya,Google Assistant

Power Supply: LR03-1.5V/AAA*2(NOT INCLUDED)

Model Number: TH01/ZTH01

Hmidity Measure Range: 0%RH~100%RH

Hmidity Measure Accuracy: ±5%RH

Certification: CE,FCC,RoHS

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