Door/Window Twin Draft Guard Ultimate ****2 Pcs****

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Keep your house cozy & warm and your energy bills low with the new and improved, double-sided Twin Draft Guard Ultimate!

The easy-to-use, universal, airtight & patented design double-seals doors and windows up to 36" wide! 
Simply place the draft-guard against the bottom of your door or window and cool air will stay on the outside where it belongs!

  • Dual cylinders block drafts from both sides.
  • Glides easily over all types of floors – wood, tile, linoleum, carpet.
  • Can be cut to fit any sized door\window as needed.


More features:

  • Moves with the door – no bending needed to reposition.
  • Easy to use, Simpe slide-on design.
  • Keeps out drafts, water, insects, toxic fumes.

Package includes:
2 pack Twin Draft Guard







Brown Twin Door Draft Dodger Guard Stopper Energy Saving Protector Doorstop For Door Accessories

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