iTouch™ Total Vibrating Body Massager

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The iTouch™ is an all around body massager that offers a vibrating head with twin contact points. It has a flexible body that allows you to use it in all areas of your body.

The Silicone touch points attached to the heads are innovative massage devices, and when applied to the area of ​​your choice,  the help reduce pain and tension.

  • Ideal for regional massage
  • Offers strong impact with dual contact point
  • Reduce pain with vibration massage
  • An ideal product for regional tension relief

More features:

    • Fingerprint-like structure that that can be applied to any point in your body
    • Silicone heads, trunked plastic material
    • on / off button for easy operation
    • Small, lightweight, portable design makes it easy to take UCare™ with you everywhere
    • Works with 6 button batteries
    • Dimensions: 12.5 cm x 15 cm
    • Color: Blue, Pink

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