Universal Knee & Elbow Memory Foam Car Cushion (2 pcs)

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Do you know that uncomfortable feeling when your knee or elbow  presses against your car console? The Attachable Car Leather Knee Pads  are the solution you're looking for.

Made from extremely comfortable, high-quality  leather & memory foam, these cushions ensure maximum support for your leg or elbow  while driving. Eliminate any stress or pressure on your knee  and focus on your driving without any disturbance.

The Attachable Car Leather Knee Pads are easily attachable to your car, come in 2 different colors, and will fit  for both the right and left side of your car! That's great news for your passengers, and for drivers from the UK and other left-hand traffic countries.


  • Eliminates discomfort and allows you to focus on driving
  • High-quality materials and comfortable memory foam

  • will fit for both right and left side of the car
  • Attaches easily to your car - no tools required

  • Ideal for long distance drivers
  • Available stylish black or beige

Size : 18X8.2cm
Material(outside): High quality leather  
Material(inside): High density memory foam  
Color: Black/beige
Package include : 2x Universal Knee & Elbow Memory Foam Car Cushion

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