EZ Tire Repair "Vacuum-Nail" Set

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What if we tell you we can fix a punctured tire within five minutes? Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, it’s true.

This is a durable way to fix your tires punctured by nails and glass with less effort and time.

These nails can easily be inserted in the punctured area and screwed gently. They absolutely cover the damage with no leakage.

Made from high-quality rubber, perfectly blend with the materials of the tire.
50PCS Mini Vacuum Tire Repair Rubber Nail Kit for Motorcycle Car Scooter  Portable Repairing Vacuum Tires Tools Small Big|Tool Parts| - AliExpress
Make your tires air-proof: This brilliant rubber nail is designed to block out holes and scratches on your tires while giving it an amazing leakproof and airproof seal! Each nail is covered with a specialized adhesive that is designed to seal out holes giving you peace of mind knowing your tires are in durable condition all the time.

Reliable and durable. This nifty repair nail comes in different sizes allowing you to easily repair holes ranging from 0.1 to 5mm in diameter. It’s made with sturdy and durable rubber material that can withstand high temperatures and everyday wear and tear.

Perfect sealing effect: It adheres firmly to the tire, with high connection strength, and good sealing performance that prevents water from entering. 

Easy to use: No complex instructions, simply insert the nail into the tire wound for an easy and efficient patching job.
Vacuum Tyre Repair Nail For Motorcycle Tubeless Tyre Repair Rubber Nails  Self tire Repair Tire Film Nail 20PCS| | - AliExpress
Wide use: Professional puncture repair nail for car, motorbike, truck, bus, and agricultural tires.

Available in two sizes: The product comes in two sizes. The small size nail comes with a 5.3mmX11.7 dimension, ideal for repairing wounds within 1-3mm. The big size nail with dimensions 6.8mmX12.7 can fix wounds within 3-5mm. For example, go for the former if your car or motorcycle is punctured with a small & thin nail. If the nail is larger, then go for the latter.


Material: Rubber

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Jo Bode

It's very good quality and very easy to use. thanks.

Mertie Parisian

Very good product, I like it!

Annalise Auer

Excellent product & fast shipping