Elegant Bird Hanger Wall Decoration

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This stylish Bird Hanger Wall Decoration is not only useful to hang your hat, coat, and keys but also will fill your home with elegance and inspiration! These graceful birds are made of high-quality resin which makes them sturdy and durable throughout the years! You will be amazed at how much beauty they will add to your home!

High-Quality and Eco-friendly Resin: This beautiful Bird Hanger Wall decoration is carefully made with the highest quality materials in order to ensure durability throughout the years to come! 

Elegant and Rustic Design: Forget about the simple hangers! This alluring artistic design will fill your home with an elegant atmosphere. 

Durable: This Bird Hanger Wall Decoration Resist scratches, corrosion, and its color remains beautiful throughout the years


    Material: Eco-Friendly Resin
    20cm x 14.5 cm / 7.8 x 5.7 IN
    34cm x 14.5 cm / 13.3 x 5.7 IN
    47cm x 14.5 cm /18.5 x 5.7 IN

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