Women Warm Long And Stretchy Finger-less Gloves

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Winter weather can be quite harsh. Keep your hands protected and warm with these gorgeous knitted fingerless gloves that will allow you to use your phone and keep your hands warm at the same time. They are easy to wash and dry and their comfortable acrylic blend won’t make your skin itch!  

This winter, you can wrap your hands and arms up in our adorable, knit arm warmers!


These Knitted Fingerless Gloves, make a perfect addition to any outfit.


Perfect for keeping your hands warm while still allowing you to text and use your phone. Made of a very soft and comfortable acrylic blend, they're easy to wash and these knit gloves won't itch.


Material: Spandex and Acrylic
Gloves Length: Wrist
Size: One Size fits most.
Colors: Light Gray, Coffee, White, Black, Gray

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