High-Quality Water-coloring Brush pens (set of 3)

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We don't know who invented the refillable watercolour brushes, but that person's a genius!

At the beginning I used them just as I would use a regular brush, and I quickly realized how convenient this brushes are!You just fill them with water and you can use them any moment, any place!

No more filling pots and pots for separate coloured water and cleaning the brushed every other second... Just grab a sponge to wipe off the last colour and keep going! You can literally watercolour anywhere!

PRO TIP: Fill the brush with ink and you can use it to create the beautiful ombre effect!

Just wet the tip on a different ink and get lettering! My favorite combo is filling the brush with pink ink and tipping it in turquoise ink to create the ombre effect...try it for yourself, you'll be surprised with the result!

each set contain 3 high-quality brushes in 3 sizes (small,medium & large tips)




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