Full Spectrum LED Grow Light For Plants (WaterProof)

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Want To Have Fresh Herbs On Hand All Year Long Regardless Of The Weather? Now You Can With This Led Grow Light!

Just Position This Grow Light Above Or Next To Plants At Any Stage Of Growth, For A Boost Of Full-spectrum Lighting. With Its Incredible Sunlike Full Spectrum Light & Efficient Red/Blue Led Combination, It Will Speed Up The Growth Of Your Plants Any Time Of The Year! Just Paste It Anywhere You Need And Enjoy Cultivating Healthy Plants All Year-round!

SUNLIKE FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT - Like plants growing outdoors in the sunlight, indoor plants grow best under full-spectrum bulbs, which produce a balance of cool and warm light that replicates the natural solar spectrum. They're excellent for seedlings as well as houseplants, culinary herbs, and other plants.

EFFICIENT RED/BLUE LED COMBINATION: Red and blue LED lights are distributed according to the perfect percentage obtained after passing professional tests. 

RED LIGHT: Red light is the main force of photosynthesis. It has the highest photosynthesis efficiency for plants, controls the photoperiod, and flowering rhythm. The Red light mainly helps plants grow taller.

Phyto Lamp for Plants Seedlings Flowers Led Grow Light Full Spectrum Led  Strip 5050 Tent Indoor Greenhouse Hydroponic phytolamps|LED Grow Lights| -  AliExpress

BLUE LIGHT: Blue light has a great influence on the initial growth of the plant and helps the plant establish a developed root system. Appropriate blue light can make plants grow more evenly and healthily, and improve the quality of plant yield.LED Grow Light LED Strip Light 1m 2m 3m 5m Full Spectrum Chip SMD 2835 LED  Phyto Lamp For Greenhouse Hydroponic Plant Growing|LED Grow Lights| -  AliExpress
PREMIUM STICKY STRIPS each strip is super soft and flexible, it can be bent into any shape, pasted anywhere to provide a much wider lighting area. 

 5m Waterproof Full Spectrum Plant LED Grow Light Hydroponics Greenhouse  Indoor LED Plant Growth Lamp Strip SMD 5050 60 leds/m|LED Grow Lights| -  AliExpress

USB CHARGING PORT: Extremely easy to charge from any USB socket.

CUTTING MARK: Using the cutting mark you can easily cut the strip and it will not affect the lighting.


GROW FASTER: From seeds to maturity, grow faster with broader lighting consisting of red and blue LEDs combined to provide the full spectrum of light to fuel indoor plant growth.

WATERPROOF: Designed to be waterproof so you can easily and conveniently place it where you need when you need it.

led grow light strip 5M 5050 Full Spectrum Flower Plant Phyto Growth lamp  for indoor Greenhouse Hydroponic grows lights 12V tent|LED Grow Lights| -  AliExpress

MORE PHOTOSYNTHESIS: Stimulate photosynthesis levels for healthier plants, flowers, and/or herbs. Have a greater yield and  increase plant's growth with the innovative Full Spectrum LED Grow Light For Plants 

GROW ANYWHERE: Grow plants in your home, indoors, dorms, gardens, greenhouses, drawers, closets

SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Mounts in seconds, just paste them where you need them that’s it! 


Certification: CCC, ROHS, ce

Body Material: PVC

Light Source: LED Chip

Voltage: 5V

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