Waterproof Breathable Silky Latex Mattress Cover

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Add This Breathable Silky Mattress Cover And Experience The Incredible Clean Feeling Of Protecting Your Mattress And Sleeping In A Clean Bed.

Keep Your Mattress Protected From Food Spills, Pets, Hairs, Liquids, And Anything That Can Give It A Stain And Odors You Don’t Want To Have In Your Mattress.

The Stylish Design And Comfortable Fabric Will Keep You Happy And Satisfied!

Firm Protection: The elastic band holds the mattress in the right place. This greatly saves the time you need to lay the mattress every day, allowing you to have more free time and less work to do.

High-quality: The inside of the mattress cover is filled with high-quality polyester that is lightweight and comfortable, the quality is comparable to the top five-star hotel bedding. Our gorgeous mattress covers are sure to elevate the quality of your home style.

Waterproof Design: Designed to keep your bed protected from spills and anything that can make it dirty, including foods or drinks, or any liquid, so you can sleep on a clean and comfortable mattress

Strong & Durable Fabric:
Designed with top quality materials so it can remain smooth, with long-lasting vibrant colors, and in the right size and shape. Our mattress covers are cleverly manufactured with strong and durable fabric that can maintain the overall brightness and shape of the mattress covers for years to come.


90x200x30 cm = 35.43x78.74x11.8 inch = 2.95x6.56x0.98 ft

100x200x30 cm = 39.37x78.74x11.8 inch = 3.28x6.56x0.98 ft

120x200x30 cm = 47.24x78.74x11.8 inch = 3.94x6.56x0.98 ft

140x200x30 cm = 55.12x78.74x11.8 inch = 4.59x6.56x0.98 ft

150x200x30 cm = 59.06x78.74x11.8 inch = 4.92x6.56x0.98 ft

160x200x30 cm = 63.00x78.74x11.8 inch=5.25x6.56x0.98 ft

180x200x30 cm = 70.87x78.74x11.8 inch = 5.9x6.56x0.98 ft

180x220x30 cm = 70.86.61x87x11.8 inch = 5.9x7.22x0.98 ft

200x200x30 cm = 78.74x78.74x11.9 inch = 6.56x6.56x0.98ft

200x220x30 cm = 78.74x86.61x11.8 inch = 6.56x7.22x0.98ft


Waterproof: Yes
Suitable for mattress height: <=30cm
Material: 100% Polyester
Feature: waterproof, Air-Permeable, Anti-Dust Mite, Anti-Pull


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