Ecoco™ Waterproof Drill-free Installation Toilet Paper Holder Shelf

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DISCOVER THE MUST-HAVE BATHROOM HACK that will help save your precious space and make your life easier. The ECOCO Shelf is not only here to keep your toilet paper organized and dried, but also to store important items, hold your tablet or phone and bring new elegance, order, and tidiness into your bathroom!
Without any effort, just use the strong adhesive for a tool-free drill-free installation.

Easy Storage: Keep your tissues, plastic bags, and sanitary pads easy to access when you need them.

Phone and Tablet holder: If you are the type of person that likes to spend time in the bathroom, then you must know the Ecoco™ Toilet Shelf was also designed as a convenient Phone and Tablet holder to make your life easier and more enjoyable while you spend time in the bathroom.

Top Drainer Hole: 

The top organizer was designed with a drainer hole to keep the top clean, dry, and free of mold!

Waterproof & Splash-proof:

Tired of using the humid toilet paper after a steamy shower? now you can keep it away from moisture, avoid mold, and enjoy a healthy and clean bathroom!

Features a transparent refill reminder window which allows you to see if the paper is about to finish and can hold your tissue roll, baby wipes, or paper napkins.

ORGANIZE YOUR ACCESSORIES LIKE NEVER BEFORE thanks to the innovative design, which features a convenient top shelf and drawer for your toiletries, soap, or hand sanitizer as well as a sound-amplifying slot for your phone or tablet. 

Without any effort, just use the strong adhesive for a tool-free drill-free installation.

DAZZLE ALL YOUR GUESTS OR PATRONS with your decorative large shelf with paper towel holder, which is ideal for your guest bathroom, kitchen, restaurant bathroom, office bathroom, bar bathroom, or classroom.

    Material: ABS
    Color: Black, Light Gray
    Size: 8 x 5.11 x 8.26 IN / 20 x 13 x 21 CM

    Please allow 10-24 business days for the item to arrive.

    Please note: due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, some minor delays in product delivery are possible, we are doing our absolute best to make sure you get your products as soon as possible.