CarDoctor™ Car On-Board Diagnostics Scanner

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Does your car seem to have some sort of technical issue?

afraid of going to an expensive and unreliable car service center?


Introducing the Car On-Board Diagnostics Scanner:

This device is essential in ensuring your car to be safe for you to drive in!

simply plug the device into your car's port and connect to your smartphone
to get real-time updates of your car's health & detect malfunctions
by looking at the app alerts on your mobile phone or computer!

Compatible with IOS, Android & windows operating systems
Compatible with all vehicles manufactured after 1996
Compatible with a variety of OBD apps, downloadable to your device

 No need in any kind of prior knowledge regarding vehicle repair.


This device is essential in ensuring your car to be safe for you to drive in. Using the Car On-Board Diagnostics Scanner, you can view your car status first hand. There's no need for any kind of prior knowledge regarding a vehicle repair. Just plug your Car On-Board Diagnostics Scanner in, and see everything for yourself.

This Car On-Board Diagnostics scanner (Or "OBD" in short) scanner tool allows you to connect your Android, Microsoft, or IOS device directly to your car's engine control unit. It uses your phone's WIFI function in order to connect but does not actually require your phone to be connected to the internet. You can use this device anywhere and view your car engine's vital sensor information on your phone without attaching any physical wire to it!

Using this scanner tool provides you with a way to save a lot of money on your car's maintenance. Car service centers can charge a hefty amount of cash for plugging in their own OBD scanner in order to identify the problem. You can bypass this whole process using this smart device and therefore save cash.

Not only that, this scanner can identify and sometimes fix certain problems that might not require a technician. Via downloaded the app, your Car On-Board Diagnostics Scanner can perform functions like resetting your "check engine" light. These are functions that car service centers charge you to fix.

Additionally, The Car On-Board Diagnostics Scanner can transmit important real-time stats to your device, helping you analyze your car's condition and maintenance. You can view stats such as acceleration, revs, throttle, etc.


  • THE MOST EFFECTIVE OBD SCANNER AND CAR CODE READER YOU HAVE EVER TRIED: Diagnose Your Car - Like a Pro and instantly transform your car into a Smart Car!
  • CONNECTS TO ANY IOS, ANDROID, AND MICROSOFT DEVICE: Unlike other Bluetooth OBD Scanners, this amazing car OBD scanner can connect to any device including Apple, Android, and Microsoft smartphones and tablets. You just need to enable your device's Wi-Fi connection and you can diagnose any car problem and unlock massive amounts of data on your car’s performance in real-time! (Doesn't require internet connection).
  • WORKS WITH MOST VEHICLES: Compatible with all cars, trucks, and vehicles from the year 1996 and newer with an OBD2 port. Works with all current makes and models. Works with both foreign and domestic vehicles.
  • MULTIPLE FREE AND PAID APPS AVAILABLE: The scanner tool is very easy to use. Simply download any OBD2 scanner app on your phone and plug the scanner tool into your vehicle. For IOS we recommend the Dash Command App and for Android we recommend Torque Pro.





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Leopoldo Jacobson

The parcel came fast. Packed very well. I recommend the store!

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excellent item!