Windproof Thermal Face Cover Balaclavas

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GO PRO with these Windproof Thermal Face Cover Balaclavas!

Whether it's Skiing, Mountain climbing, Biking or any other type of winter sports, you'll need the right gear if you want to get to the top. These Balaclavas provide warmth and resistance, along with other helpful features, in order to provide you with the maximal support you need to surpass your limitations.

Wearing a Windproof Thermal Face Cover Balaclava will not only be helpful for your sports skills, but also to your overall look. Wearing one of these bad boys to complete your set will make everyone know you mean business!



  • KEEP WARM: These Balaclavas are made from thermal materials, making sure you stay warm even in freezing cold conditions.
  • WINDPROOF: The Balaclavas block the wind from contacting your face, making them ideal for riding, skiing & other winter sports.
  • WATER RESISTANCE: While wearing these Balaclavas, even the rain can't stop you from engaging in your activities.
  • BREATHABLE: Keeps you warm but also ventilated, fresh and with no sweat.
  • ELASTIC FABRIC: The stretchable materials that assemble the Balaclavas make them adjustable to any head size.


Material: Lycra, Mesh, Bobbinet
Weight: About 124g
Length: About 17.5cm
Material: Lycra, Nylon Mesh, 15mm Elastic Cord
Weight: About 100g
Length: About 16cm

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