Wood Carving & Engraving HSS Drill Bit Set (5pc)

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Express the art you have inside!

With This Wood Carving and Engraving Drill Bit Set, you can create your own woodcrafts and bring masterpieces to life!

Optimal Precision & Detailing
Make wood carving a breeze without damaging the woods. Get accurate results with a smooth finish. No retouch is needed.

Simple & Easy
Just install it like any other typical drill bit and it’s ready for some great action.

Highly Efficient
These burrs are intended for faster wood removal. Made of sharp high-speed steel, you can easily pare away woods much faster while leaving a smoother finish.

Classic High-Speed Steel Material. High hardness, offer superior cutting power and durability.
5PCS/Set Wood Carving and Engraving Drill Bit Set Milling Root Cutter  Carving Chisel Carving Tools Hand Tools Woodworking Tools|Chisel| -  AliExpress
All shank sizes of ⅛" (3 mm), allowing them to be compatible with most die grinders and rotary tools as you finish, grind, and shape your work with precision.


Materials: High-speed steel

Product Weight: Net Weight: 33G

Product Weight: 40G

Product Size: (L x W x H)

13 × 8 × 3cm / 5.1 × 3.1 × 1.2inches

Package Contents

Wood Carving Drill Bit × 1( 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/8mm)

5PCS/SET Wood Engraving Drill Bit Set Steel Solid Carbide Grinding Burr For Woodworking  Drilling Carving Engraving Bit Set|Drill Bits| - AliExpress

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Excellent, thank you!

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Excellent quality

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They look good. I recommend