WORKPRO™ 4 IN 1 Heavy Duty Staple Gun with 4000 Staples

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If You Are Regularly Involved In Diy Work, Chances Are High That This Staple Gun Is Indispensable To You. Designed With High & Low Power Adjustment, Built To Last, Heavy Duty, Universal Fit, And Easy To Operate! This Staple Gun Is Excellent To Handle Projects That Require Next-level Staplers, Such As Upholstery, Woodwork, Roofing, Masonry, And More!
Become A Diy Expert With This Amazing Staple Gun!
4-in-1 APPLICATION - Extremely practical multi-functional staple gun able to fasten heavy-duty D-staples/U-staples/light-duty D-staples/Brad nails. The high/Low power adjustment lever allows for fastening to both hard and soft surfaces.

EASY TO OPERATE - The staple gun is equipped with a quick-release loading magazine on the bottom for fast and easy staple/nail install, and a patented mechanism to prevent jams. A lever for High/Low power adjustment and a lever for selecting the type of staple you’re using add to the ease of operation. A reload window allows you to see when staples are getting low and need to reload.

BUILT TO LAST - Features premium zinc-plated steel staples that resist rust and corrosion. Ultimate tensile strength (UTS) up to 160,000 PSI
WORKPRO 4 IN 1 Heavy Duty Staple Gun for DIY Home Decoration Furniture  Stapler Manual Nail Gun with 4000 Staples Nailer| | - AliExpress
HEAVY-DUTY, CHISEL POINT - Sharp chisel points of staples designed for precision stapling allows for fewer jams, buckles, and interruptions. Easily pierce through many different materials

UNIVERSAL FIT - Staples designed to be used with most electric/manual staple guns that accept 1/2" and 3/8" T50 staples and 5/8” brad nails

HANDLE LOCK - You can lock the handle when not in use to ensure the safety of both children and adults. Note: Last shot must be fired in order to be able to activate the lock. 

RELOAD WINDOW - Easily notice when staple supply is getting low so you can reload. Safety check: If the staple gun hasn’t been used recently, easily check to see if there are staples remaining in the staple gun before pressing the handle. 

POCKET CLIPKeep your staple gun by your side with the convenient pocket clip to carry with you easily as you work.

Heavy-duty staple gun * 1 PC
Heavy-duty D-type staples * 1000 PC (T50)
Light duty D-type staples * 1000 PC (JT21)
U-type staples * 1000 PC (T21)
Brad Nails * 1000 PC (18GA)

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