Self Locking Zip Ties with Screw Hole (100pcs)

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Introducing our Self Locking Zip Ties with Screw Hole Bundle Tie Straps – the ultimate solution for securing and organizing your belongings with ease and efficiency!

The "Screw Hole" feature is a key aspect that sets our Zip Ties apart from traditional cable ties. This feature adds an extra level of versatility and functionality to the cable ties, making them even more useful for a variety of applications.

This hole is strategically designed to accommodate screws, allowing you to easily attach the cable tie to surfaces such as walls, panels, or any other appropriate fixtures. By using screws, you can securely fasten the cable ties in place, ensuring that the tied items remain firmly attached and organized.

Do you find yourself struggling to keep wires, cables, and various items in order? Look no further! Our nylon self-locking cable ties are here to solve all your troubles. These cable ties boast exceptional toughness and a strong bearing capacity, ensuring they can handle a wide range of tasks in your daily life.

✅ Fixed On The Wall: The smartly designed round hole on the head of the cable tie allows for easy screwing on the wall. By using screws, you can effortlessly secure wires, water pipes, and other essential items firmly in place, reducing clutter and creating a tidy space.

✅ Widely Used: Versatility is the name of the game! These cable ties are the perfect organizing companion for your home, office, garage, or even when you're on the go. Use them to hang garden fences, manage computer wire harnesses, or repair plant branches. Moreover, these ties excel at tidying up different wires, zippers, and various accessories, making them an indispensable tool for every organized individual.

✅ Self-locking Design: No need to worry about slippage or loose connections. Our cable ties come with a thickened clasp and a clear gear mechanism, ensuring a secure self-locking function. As you retract the tie, it tightens around the bundled items, maintaining a strong grip and providing long-lasting performance.

✅ High-quality Material: Crafted from top-grade nylon material using injection molding, these cable ties are not only safe and environmentally friendly but also non-toxic. The fire-retardant property and excellent anti-aging ability ensure that the ties remain reliable even under challenging conditions. Accidental heating won't compromise their performance, guaranteeing peace of mind during usage.

Upgrade your organizational game with our Zip Ties with Screw Hole
Say goodbye to chaotic spaces and welcome a more structured and efficient lifestyle. Embrace the convenience and reliability offered by our premium quality cable ties. Don't wait any longer; tidy up your life today!

SIze: 3x100mm/0.118x 3.937in or 3.6x200mm/0.15x 7.87in
Packge includes : 100pcs x Self Locking Zip Ties with Screw Hole 

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