MasterBluetooth™ 2 IN 1 Wireless 5.0 Bluetooth Audio Transmitter & Receiver

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This Incredible Adaptor Will Add A Bluetooth Feature To Any Device that Doesn't Have it and can do both transmit and receive. If your old tv doesn't have Bluetooth With MasterBluetooth™ now it can transmit a Bluetooth signal to your Bluetooth headphones but that's not all,  even if your car doesn't have a Bluetooth now it will be able to receive a Bluetooth signal from your phone.
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Watch Your Favorite Shows And Let Your Family Members And Neighbors Sleep Peacefully.

 You Can Watch Your Favorite Shows Or Movies With The Audio Streaming Through Your Headphones As Loudly As You Want And Without Waking Up Your Spouse Or Neighbors!

Intuitive LCD Display: Designed to be intuitive and easy to use, this device can search and display up to 8 nearby Bluetooth devices for you to choose to connect with. You can select or switch to the desired device. 

10 Meters Transmission: Enjoy the 10 meters transmission without obstacles, don’t miss any beautiful note!
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Hi-Fi Sound Quality: What is HiFi? High Fidelity derives from the Latin word fidēlis, meaning “faithful or loyal”. It is about how faithful and loyal sound is recorded and played back by audio systems.

Superior Bluetooth V 5.0:

Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest version of the Bluetooth wireless communication standard. Bluetooth 5 supports 200m in Line of Sight path in the outdoor environment and 40m in the indoor environment. 

Echo Cancellation and Anti-Noise Circuit: Finely engineered to reproduce pure sound with Echo Cancellation and ANC Anti- Noise Circuit to provide the best HiFi Quality Sound Experience.

RX Receive Mode: Allows you to turn the volume higher or lower and play the music up or down according to your needs.

Receive and Transmit 2 in 1: Add a Bluetooth To Your Car Sound System: With this astonishing device you can easily transfer music or audio from your phone into your car speakers and enjoy an amazing audio experience even if your car doesn’t have a Bluetooth! 


Interface: USB

2 In 1 Bluetooth Adapter: Receive And Transmit 2 In 1

Bluetooth 5.0 

Built-in Noise Reduction 

HiFi Sound Quality

Stable 10-meter Transmission Signal

Fully Compatible With Automatic Matching

Input Voltage: Dc / 5v

Input Interface: 3.5mm Audio

Driver: No Installation Required
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lorna Reinger

It works very well and pairs super fast, it has no interference noise I highly recommend.

Teresa D'Amore

Excellent product!

Nickolas Hilpert

The sound quality is excellent. I recommend it!

Lauretta Armstrong

Good Bluetooth adapter. Everything works, you can now watch the TV in silence, I like it.