H96 Max™ Innovative Super Computer Smart TV Box

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Turn your simple TV into an Innovative Super Computer Smart TV Box with endless different features to entertain you! 

This Innovative Super Computer Smart TV Box will allow you to stream movies, enjoy the fascinating Look & Feel of Games, Surf the internet, use your favorite smartphone apps, video call, chat, and more! It comes with 4K Ultra High Definition, 2G Memory, High-dynamic-range (HDR), super-advanced USB 3.0 and G10S Air Mouse.  Experience Entertainment at the Highest Standards!


4K Ultra HD (ultra high definition) is the resolution that brings you more pixels than ever to your home TV. But what is 4K, why does it matter whether you have a flashy 4k TV or simpler HD display?

Put simply, 4K means a clearer more vivid and ultra-high definition picture. To achieve this, it's more pixels (8,294,400 to be exact) on the screen at once being used to create images that are crisper and capable of showing clearer details than standard HD. 


High-dynamic-range (HDR):
What is HDR for TVs, and why should you care? HDR, or high-dynamic range, is the current "must-have" TV feature. TVs that support it can usually offer brighter highlights and a wider range of color detail, for a punchier image overall. 

HDR expands the range of both contrast and color significantly. Bright parts of the image can get much brighter, so the image seems to have more "depth." Colors get expanded to show more bright blues, greens, reds and everything in between.



Enjoy your favorite Apps

Between Amazon, Youtube, HBO, Codi, and others, you can watch thousands of movies and television shows on-demand without paying for channels that you will never watch. 


A high-powered processor, tailored to you

Inside the H96 Max 2GB/16GB Android 9, we find a 4-core A-53 64 Bit Rockchip RK3318 processor and a Mali-450 graphics card with 2GB of RAM. More than enough capacities for streaming and multimedia playback in any of your TVs at home. In addition, you can compress videos smoothly without losing quality thanks to its video encoding in H.265. On the other hand, it also supports KODI and the use of apps such as HBO. Enjoy your favorite films in a simpler way!

2G Memory:

This means you can multitask and play unlimited games and enjoy it all without worrying about lag or dropped frames. This makes the system extremely fast and perfect for everything from gaming to a home office. Load faster and run faster! 

16 GB of expandable storage!

Thanks to its 16 GB of storage you can install the Play Store apps you like, in addition to storing your own files, even double expanding its storage by adding a micro SD of up to 32 GB.

Look & Feel of Games:

With a simple TV connection, you will neither have the fun of playing amazing PC games nor will have access to the range available for the Android users. Android-powered games are getting more complex, exciting and engaging; with HD graphics and the fascinating gameplay. With the advantage of an Android game remote, you can even have better control on game playing. Have you ever thought about how much you can save on 3D gaming with an Android TV Box? Without wasting your time, it is possible to find a hot selling game in the Google play store. It will either cost you a few pounds or will be for free!


USB 3.0:
What is USB 3.0 and what is good about it? 

Short for universal serial busUSB is a plug and play interface that allows a computer to communicate with other devices.

Here are some advantages of USB 3.0:

  • 10x faster than USB 2.0 and a max data transfer speed of up to 5Gbits/sec or about 640MB/sec. 
  • USB 3.0 is fully compatible with USB 2.0 .
  • The USB 3.0 can provide a maximum power of 900mA, compared to USB 2.0 that can only provide 500mA power.
  • Lower Power Consumption by the USB Devices. USB 3.0 also comes with better power saving features so your USB powered devices will consume less power when it is in idle mode.


IR Remote 

is an easy to use but powerful remote compatible with devices including Smart TV Android Box, PC, Laptop and Projectors. The remote is 2.4G wireless with a range up to 10 meters!


Convenient to Use:
Easy to control volume, page up / down, Mouse left / right, etc. Just sit back on your couch and enjoy it.
Wide Application Range:
Suitable for Smart TV, Android TV Box, All-in-one PC, Laptop, Projector and so on.



This device will work with any HDMI TV (Almost every model of TVs manufactured after 2002 has HDMI connection)

  • CPU: RK3318 Quad-Cor
  • Internal Storage: 16GB eMMC
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Video Output: HDMI 2.0
  • GPU: Penta-core Mali-450
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Memory: 2G DDR3
  • Model Number: H96 Max
  • OTA Update: Yes
  • GOOGLE Cast: Yes
  • Power: DC 5V,2A
  • System Upgrade: Yes
  • Max. Extended Capacity: TF Card Up To 32GB
  • Remote Control: Included
  • OS: Android 9.0
  • Support Decoder format: 4K VP9 Video decoder
  • HDR: HDR10 and HLG modes
  • High Definition video output: 4K
  • Wireless: WiFi 2.4G/5G
  • Built: Built-in 2.4G /5G/BT 4.0
  • 3D: 3D video formats



 - 1 x H96 MAX Box

 - 1 x Remote Control

 - 1 x Power Supply

 - 1 x HD Cable

 - 1 x User Manual

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