PetFeed Pro™ The Ultimate Smart Automatic Feeding Solution

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Introducing the future of pet feeding: our 3.5L Automatic Pet Feeder Smart Food Dispenser for Cats and Dogs. This innovative device is designed to make pet ownership easier and more enjoyable, offering a range of features that ensure your furry friend is well-fed, healthy, and happy.

With customizable feeding schedules, remote control via a smartphone app, voice interaction, easy maintenance, and fail-safe power options, this pet feeder is the ultimate solution for pet owners who want the best for their beloved companions.

Say goodbye to worries about feeding your pets on time and embrace a new level of convenience with our smart pet feeder.

Pet Always Gets Food: You can rely on our pet feeder to ensure that your beloved pet never misses a meal, regardless of any unforeseen circumstances. It operates seamlessly with the included 5V DC adapter or 3 alkaline D-type batteries (not included). Even in the event of a power outage, your pet's feeding schedule remains intact, providing them with consistent nourishment and peace of mind for you.

Programmable & Flexible Timing Feeding: Set up your pet's feeding schedule with precision and flexibility. Our feeder allows you to customize the number of meals per day and portion sizes, ensuring your pet gets the right amount at the right time. Say goodbye to pre-dawn wake-up calls and late-night worries – we've got you covered.

Recording and Voice Interaction & Device Sharing:
Make mealtime a delightful experience for your furry friend by recording your voice. Your pet will hear your familiar voice calling them to eat, strengthening your bond even when you're not physically present. Plus, our feeder allows device sharing, enabling multiple family members and friends to feed your pet simultaneously.

Easy to Clean & Quality Food Material & Dual Power Mode:
Cleaning your pet's feeder has never been easier, thanks to its detachable design. Crafted from environmentally-friendly and durable ABS material, it ensures your pet's food is safe and fresh. Additionally, our feeder offers dual power options: a DC5V/1A adapter or 3 AA batteries (not included), with a priority on the adapter. Even during power outages, your pet will always receive their meals, thanks to our intelligent chip's memory function and motor protection.

Secure Twist-Lock Storage:
Our pet feeder features a secure twist-lock storage system that keeps your pet's dry food fresh and crispy. This innovative design prevents any accidental spills, ensuring that your pet's feeding area remains clean and tidy. The transparent window allows you to easily check the food level and add more whenever needed, making sure your furry friend always has access to their favorite meals.

Memory Function: The memory function in our pet feeder is a game-changer. It eliminates the hassle of reprogramming your pet's feeding schedule in case of a sudden power interruption. This intelligent feature stores your preset feeding times and portion sizes, automatically resuming normal operation once power is restored. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of resetting your feeder – we've got it covered.

10s Personalized Recordings:
Enhance your connection with your pet through our 10-second personalized recording feature. Record your voice calling your pet to their mealtime, creating a comforting and loving atmosphere. Whether you're at home or away, your pet will hear your familiar voice, associating it with mealtime, and strengthening the bond you share.

Smart Control Screen for Easy Use:
With a smart control screen that's incredibly easy to use, you can effortlessly program and customize your pet's meals. This intuitive interface puts the power of programmable and flexible timing feeding right at your fingertips.

Healthy Feeding & 3.5L Food Capacity: Customize your pet's daily meals effortlessly using our WiFi-enabled automatic pet feeder. With a generous 3.5L food capacity and the intuitive smartphone app, you can tailor your pet's feeding schedule to maintain their optimal weight. Say goodbye to overfeeding as you schedule multiple meals throughout the day and adjust portion sizes as needed.

Quick 2.4GHz Connection Smart Pet Feeder & APP Control: Experience the convenience of remote pet feeding with our 2.4GHz WiFi-connected smart food dispenser. Simply connect your Android or iOS smartphone to the app, and you'll have complete control over your pet's meals. Whether you're at home or miles away, set precise feeding times or trigger manual feedings from your mobile device. Please note that our pet feeder operates on 2.4GHz networks and does not support 5GHz.


Volume: 3.5L


Notice: This product does not include a power adapter

Material: Plastic 

Please allow 10-24 business days for the item to arrive.

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Customer Reviews

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Bret Vandervort

The shipment was super fast, now to accustom the doggy baby to eat from this wonderful machine. I already knew her because my son has one for his dog and it has worked super well

Alfonso Harber

Excellent, just connect it by USB and it was easy to configure with the SmartLife app, at first my cat was afraid but then it got hungry and it went away.

Janelle Auer

Arrived as quickly as possible. There is an instruction for YouTube.
product strongly recommended!👍

Lolita Lind

Product arrived fast
Thank you all.

Rose Schultz

I love it!!!!! Works great great app. arrived quickly Highly recommend!