Digital Non-contact Clinical Accuracy ℃ &℉ Forehead Thermometer

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Our Digital Non-contact Forehead Thermometer: the ultimate solution for fast, accurate, and contactless temperature measurement. , it's ideal for adults and kids.

*Clinical Accuracy one-second readings
*Non-contact technology
*Toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit,
*Store 32 sets of data,
*Receive temperature reminders with three color indicators.

Simplify temperature monitoring with ease and precision. Plus, with the mute option, ensure a peaceful environment, especially during sleep.

Fast, Simple, Clear and Quiet Measurement: Get readings within 1 second with our Digital Forehead Thermometer. Say goodbye to long wait times and cumbersome measurement processes. It provides quick, accurate, and noiseless temperature readings for your convenience.

No Touch Measurement: Experience the convenience of measuring body temperature without any physical contact. Our thermometer utilizes advanced technology to read temperature accurately from a distance, ensuring hygiene and comfort.

Voice Can be Mute: With the option to mute the voice function, there's no need to worry about startling a sleeping child during temperature checks. Maintain a peaceful environment while ensuring accurate temperature readings with our versatile thermometer.
Suitable for Multi-Scenario: Adaptable to various settings, our thermometer is an ideal choice for hospitals, hotels, school settings, and public establishments. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for maintaining health and safety across different environments.

One Key to Switch ℃/℉: Switch effortlessly between Celsius and Fahrenheit with just one key. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing your preferred temperature unit for easy understanding and compatibility.

3 Colors Temperature Reminder: Stay informed about body temperature quickly and easily with our thermometer's three-color temperature reminder. This feature provides visual cues for temperature levels, allowing for swift interpretation and response.

32 Sets of Memories:
Keep track of temperature readings with the ability to store up to 32 sets of data. Monitor temperature trends over time and maintain accurate records for personal or professional use.

Material: ABS

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jeremy Rempel

The product box arrived a little damaged, but the thermometer arrived in excellent condition.

Amara Casper

I bought it thinking I was going to lose the money, but the product is great, I found an equal one in a pharmacy chain for almost 4 times the amount I paid.

Deanna Murray

The thermometer is good, there is a variation when measuring room temperature by about 1 °. Thank you

Jazmyn Shields

A good thermometer. Works on 2 batteries. Measures the temperature in the House and in humans. I won't say anything about accuracy. It seems normal.