3D Electric Anti-Cellulite Fat Burning Device

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This Astonishing 3D Electric Fat Burning Device Was Created To Reduce Fats And Help You Get Rid Of Cellulite. Designed To Be Portable, Compact And Easy To Use, It Can Target Different Body Areas According To Your Needs In Order To Provide You With A Beautiful Body Shape!

Save Tons Of Money On Expensive Slimming Treatments Simply Use This Tool At The Comfort Of Your Home!

 3D Roller Shaping Massager

Widely Beneficial: Our 3D Electric Fat Burning Device relieves muscle tension, reduces cellulite, burns fats, promotes smooth and firm skin, and helps in reducing body weight with exceptional design and strong power. The regular use of this device not only maintains your body shape but removes wrinkles and increases collagen for glowing skin.

 3D Roller Shaping Massager

3D Motion Technology: The 3D motion technology of this massager dissolves fat layers from the skin to give you a younger look.

3D Roller Shaping Massager

Stimulate Circulation and Metabolism: This high-quality Device also stimulates blood vessels to improve blood circulation and increases metabolism for a healthy life and improved tone.

3D Roller Shaping Massager

Full Body Massage: Our quiet Massager is designed to massage all body parts like feet, back, waist, neck, hips, arms, shoulders, buttocks, abdomen, thigh, and legs in an easy and simpler way.

3D Roller Shaping Massager3D Roller Shaping Massager

Visible Results: Its high-speed rotation and high power motor give visible results without damaging skin tissues.

3D Roller Shaping Massager

Ergonomic Design: Made from premium ABS plastic materials, this innovative and lightweight 3D Electric Anti-Cellulite Fat Burning Device stands alone with a smooth surface, single knob control design, 3 x sets of massager wheels, speed control system, and round edges. Moreover, our Massager has a handle for firm grip and professional level massage.


Save Tons Of Money On Expensive Treatments: No need to join any slimming and massage centers, and no more expensive slimming capsules. As our 3D Electric Anti-Cellulite Fat Burning Device will do it all. Moreover, you can use it anytime at home.

3D Roller Electric Full Body Massager Anti cellulite Weight Loss Massaging  Slimmer Device Fat Burner Spa Machine| | - AliExpress

Portable and Compact: This incredible device is portable and can easily fit in a bag. The small size allows easy storage in your travel bag. You can take it with you anywhere you go.


First apply any massage oil, slimming gel, or slimming cream on the body.

Insert the power plug into the compatible wall socket.

Install the massage head to the massager.

Turn the massager on to enjoy a relaxing massage.

You can choose from a low to high-level massage.

After using, first, turn the switch OFF then remove the plug from the socket.

 3D Roller Shaping Massager


Input: 50-60Hz/110-240V

Output: DC 12V (1000Ma)

Power: 4.5-9 Watt

Size: 10 cm x 9.5 cm x 13 cm (3.94 inch x 3.74 inch x 5.12 inch)

Color: Coffee and White

Item Weight: 1.3lb

Available plugs: US, UK, EU


Package Includes:

1 x 3D Electric Anti-Cellulite Fat Burning Device

1 x Swivel Wheel

1 x AC Adapter

1 x User Manual

 3D Roller Shaping Massager

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