Fully Automatic Reverse Umbrella With LED Flashlight

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Is your umbrella leaving water all over the floor after a rainy day? Do you struggle to see where to walk at night in the rain?

Experience the ultimate umbrella innovation designed to transform your rainy days and dark nights. Our Fully Automatic UV Umbrella combines cutting-edge features to elevate your protection, convenience, and safety.

Light your path as the rain falls through the night! This unique reverse umbrella shows you the way with its attached LED Flashlight. Designed to keep the water inside itself and avoid a mess when you enter your home. 
Step into the future of umbrella technology , this umbrella combines innovation, safety, and convenience to enhance your everyday life. 


Reverse Umbrella:
Unlike traditional umbrellas, our innovative reverse mechanism keeps the wet side of the umbrella inside when closed, ensuring no more dripping water and easy storage.

LED Flashlight for Enhanced Visibility:
Navigate confidently through dark streets and stormy nights with the built-in LED flashlight. This feature enhances your safety by illuminating your path and making you more visible to others.

One-Click Open & Close:
No more struggling with closing your umbrella before getting in your car, especially during heavy rain. Say goodbye to the struggle of opening and closing your umbrella in heavy rain. With just a simple press of a button on the handle, the umbrella effortlessly opens and closes, making your life easier.
Our umbrella features an innovative auto open/close mechanism, so all you have to do is simply press the button on the handle!

Quick Expand/Collapse: Easily maneuver in and out of your car during rainstorms. The high-tension spring-loaded ribs enable rapid and smooth opening and closing actions, keeping you dry and composed.

Reflective Strips:
Your safety matters. The umbrella is equipped with a reflective stripe along the canopy's edge, providing 360° high visibility 
Designed with a reflective strip with high visibility so that drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians notice you are passing by during low light and rainy conditions.
An excellent feature to keep you safe at night.

Our umbrella is fortified with 10 reinforced fiberglass ribs that flex slightly to withstand the powerful wind without turning inside out.our umbrella stands up to strong wind, ensuring reliable protection in challenging weather.

Generous Canopy Size:
With a large 106cm canopy, this umbrella comfortably accommodates two people, ensuring both stay shielded from rain, sun, and UV rays.

Rotating Handle for LED Control:
Take charge of your surroundings with the rotating handle that allows you to adjust the LED light's direction, providing customized illumination as needed

Size: 48-53cm radius
Material: glass fiber + aluminum alloy
Control: Fully-automatic


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Monroe Grant

I am super satisfied with the product! Thank you very much

Elsa Bechtelar

Very beautiful umbrella, good quality. Fast delivery. Many thanks.

Arthur Spinka

Well packed. Fast shipping. Very satisfied. I recommend it👍