DancingLight™ Mini LED Bluetooth Speaker

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Spark up your passion with stunning music quality!

Don't let its size fool you! This Impressive Speaker will make you dance your heart out to the beats! It's designed with a Built-in Mic for Hands-Free Calls, Full compatibility with Android, iOS and Windows, TF Card Playback, 10 Meter Distance Steady Transmission, Supports USB Flash Drive, AUX Mode, Easy to Pair, USB rechargeable and Will Rock Your World!

Full Compatibility: 
You can easily connect all Bluetooth enabled devices, any Android or Apple devices to your Bluetooth Speaker, and experience music like never before.

Built-In Mic for Hands-Free Calls:
With the speakerphone setting, you can easily take calls from your phone. Providing you with another layer of convenience, this feature is perfect for conference calls and anytime you don’t want to miss a call. When the phone rings, it usually fades out audio streaming.

10 Meter Distance Steady Transmission: 
This amazing Bluetooth Speaker has a steady transmission range of up to 10 meters

Longer Play Time:
Enjoy longer playtime with 500 mAh Battery capacity and 2-4 hours of music nonstop.

Supports USB Flash Drive: 
This amazing Bluetooth Speaker supports USB Flash Drive connection so you can play all your USB music library anytime!

Bluetooth Capability-
It's easy to sync up with your phone or computer, just sync your phone with any Bluetooth compatible electronic device and enjoy premium sound quality anytime! 

TF Card Playback: 
A TF card slot is the same as a micro-SD slot, which is a memory card for storing information – in this case, your musical collection. Generally, these cards can store anywhere from 16 GB to 128 GB of information. It’s up to you which card you select, but if you have a lot of music you’re always best to go with the higher number. If you’ve got enough music to fill a 128 GB card that’s one impressive music collection!

Easy to Pair: 
With advanced Bluetooth technology, this portable, Bluetooth speaker can be connected to your smart devices in less than one second so you can enjoy endless amounts of music anytime!

AUX Mode: 
What is the AUX mode? Aux port enables the connection of older source devices that do not have a Bluetooth transmitting module built into them. Eg a cassette player or FM radio etc. To connect such a device with your Bluetooth speaker you will need an audio cable plugged into the Aux port.

USB Charger- 
Ready to recharge? Simply plug it into any USB before bedtime and it’ll be ready when you wake up.


Power Source: 500 mAh built-in Lithium Battery

Audio Crossover: Full-Range

Built-in Microphone: Yes

Output Power: 2W

Support APP: Yes

Frequency Range: 2KHz-20KHz

Compatible: With Any Bluetooth Device 

Music Time: 2-3 Hours

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