NanoSafety™ Alcohol Mist Sanitizing Sprayer (USB Rechargeable)

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Disinfect Any Surface Easily And Effortlessly! Nanosafety™ Portable Mist Sanitizing Sprayer (USB Rechargeable) Will Assist You Sanitizing Any Objects At Home Or Public Places. This Astonishing Device Sprays Liquid Into Nanoparticles, So You Can Sanitize More Surfaces With Less Liquid, And Save Money. Keep Yourself And Your Loved Ones Protected With This Brilliant Item.

Studies show that bacteria can survive on surfaces for a few hours up to several days. Aside from washing and sanitizing our hands, it is also important to sanitize the things we often touch like mobile phones, keys, doorknobs, money, and other surfaces.

Nano Atomization Technology: Finely engineered to atomize the liquid into nano-sized small molecular particles, which can penetrate directly into the deep layer, achieving better absorption.

Just Fill It With Alcohol Or Disinfectant: You can fill the tank with alcohol or liquid sanitizer (Make sure is always 100% liquid). Spray until you feel the object is covered, it doesn't have to be wet.

Suitable for all surfaces: Sanitize items you couldn't before and completely disinfect packages and groceries before they enter the house. Safe to be used on technological devices.

USB Rechargeable: The sanitizer is battery-operated. Fill it up, charge it with the included USB and use it as many times as you want.

Portable: The device only weighs 50 grams and fits in your pocket so you can easily take it with you whenever you need anywhere you go.

Saves Money:
Our technology sprays liquid into nanoparticles, which allows you to sanitize more surfaces with less liquid, this results in sanitizing more with less amount of liquid, which will save you tons of money on sanitizer.
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30ml Water Tank Capacity: Designed for a consistent water replenishment, more convenient to use.
Easy To Use: Just fill it up with any disinfectant liquid, push down the switch, and it automatically sends out an even widespread mist disinfecting every surface on contact!
The nanotechnology used in the sprayer creates a mist that lands on any surface evenly. 
How To Use It.

  1. Rotate counterclockwise to open the sanitizer filling tank.
  2. After opening, fill the water tank with 75% alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  3. After adding sanitizer, turn it clockwise to tighten the sanitizer tank.
  4. Double click the power button to spray the sanitizer to disinfect things.


Product material: ABS

Product size: 30 * 30 * 115mm

Net weight: 50g

Battery capacity: 400 mAh

Water tank capacity: 30 ml


Package list:
1*Water replenishment meter,
1*charging cable,

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